Despite mixed reviews and dropping stock, Netflix CEO wants a fifth season of Arrested Development (Video)

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Now the story of a large corporation that doesn’t know when to let go…The fourth season of Arrested Development, which has only been online since Sunday, may get a fifth season. In an interview with CNBC, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said he would bring back the show if all parties are interested and willing. Even with the company’s six percent stock decrease this week, and the show’s unenthusiastic critical reviews, Hastings is “‘thrilled with the response.” But like many franchises that have arguably jumped the shark, it seems the fan’s love for the show is enough to keep its network interested. Check out the interview below.

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  • maxzumstein

    What an enlightening article. Clearly, Sonia Weiser knows how to run the immensely successful Netflix better than Reed Hastings does. She makes a very clear case as to why Arrested Development Season 5 is a mistake, especially when she pulls that negative review from the Times (written by a guy who says within the first two paragraphs that he only watched 8 of the episodes) to back herself up. If only Hastings checked LaughSpin for advice more often.

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