The origin of heterosexuality is finally revealed (Video)

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Ever wonder about the origins of heterosexuality? Wonder no more! “Samesies,” a sketch written and directed by John McKeever tackles this exact question. Comedian Chris O’Connor stars as the leader of a tribe of cavemen who must break the sad truth to his people that their “samesies” mode of sexual activity is doing nothing for population growth. The cast includes Aaron Nevins, Darryl Charles, James Hesky, Christian Alsis, Tim Butterly, Dave Metter, Mike Maguire and Antanas Rekstys as the disappointed men, and Nikki Black, Elise Thomson-Hohl, Nicole Yates and Sonia Zambrana as the equally bummed out cavewomen. Check it out below!

The full script is available on McKeever’s website.

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  • nick

    Actually Nicole Yates plays Kirby, who they aren’t sure about.

  • Nicole P.

    Sonia – Just wanted to point out that the actor who plays the leader is NOT writer/director, John McKeever, but rather CHRIS O’CONNOR (as noted in the comment below)!! McKeever plays the heavier caveman with the beard. If you are able to amend the article, that would be stellar. Thanks!

    • dylan

      we made the correction above. huge apologies for that. it was not intentional. thanks for letting us know.

  • Sam Luoise


    Leader: Chris O’Connor, @achrisoconnor

    Ilg: Christian Alsis, @christianalsis

    Anne: Nikki Black, @nikkiblackattack

    Chubby Beard:John McKeever, @johnnymckeever

    Guy who gets punched in the face: Aaron Nevins, @aaronnevins

    Guy who looks like the night: Darryl Charles, @darryldarryl_

    Carly: Elise Thomson-Hohl, @EliseTH

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