Comedian Tom Rhodes interviews demonized Internet guru Kim Dotcom (Audio)

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If you follow comedian Tom Rhodes’ podcast, Tom Rhodes Radio (and you should) you know the veteran comedian regularly treats his listeners to in-depth, heartfelt interviews with his guests. But scoring his latest guest was somewhat of a coup. While in New Zealand for the country’s comedy festival, Rhodes convinced the elusive, demonized Internet guru Kim Dotcom to sit for an interview. In fact, Dotcom invited him into his heavily fortified estate.

Dotcom (real name: Kim Schmitz) is the Finnish/German founder of the now defunct file-sharing service MegaUpload. Why is it defunct? Well, the United States Department of Justice shut down the site (and all associated sites) citing copyright infringement. Our government is also currently attempting to extradite him so they could try him for racketerring and conspiring to launder money, among other things. Dotcom has since launched Mega, described as a “cloud storage service that will help protect your privacy.”

In January of 2012, authorities raided Dotcom’s home with the use of 76 heavily armed officers and two helicopters. During his conversation with Rhodes, Dotcom explains the harrowing event.

The raid was totally traumatic. I’m laughing about it [now] and it’s my way of dealing with it. My wife would certainly not make jokes about it because she still has nightmares. She is still dealing with the aftermath. She was separated from her kids during the raid; they weren’t allowed to see her. She was panicking about that. She was seven months pregnant with twins and they made her stand outside in the lawn in the drizzle rain for over an hour and she was surrounded by people with guns and dogs sniffing around. For her, it was a really traumatic experience…

Within 10 seconds there was heavy banging on my door and I thought, wow, maybe this is a kidnapping attempt. So I make my way…I press this alarm button that I have to alert my security guards, make my way to the panic room and just waited there for ten minutes until they arrived. They were looking for me all over the house, but I was just sitting there.

The entire interview is riveting and should be listened to in full. Hit play below and enjoy!

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  • PauLOL

    That was a great interview, I fucking love Rhode’s podcast now, I never heard of him until I found a link to his podcast on Doug Stanhope’s website.

  • Jake

    Dotcom elusive?

    Give us a break, his face is all over the internet,

  • tyler james hansen

    Thanks for posting this. Tom’s podcast is awesome.

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