John Oliver’s 10 best moments on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Videos)

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Last night, Jon Stewart handed over hosting duties of The Daily Show to longtime correspondent John Oliver. As you’re likely well aware, Stewart is headed to the Middle East to direct his first film, leaving Oliver in charge of things until Sept. 3. So in honor of what we believe will be an amazing run for Oliver, we’ve selected our 10 favorite Daily Show moments featuring the new, temporary host to the greatest fake news program of all time. Enjoy!

Any public bashing of New Jersey brings a smile to my face, and in this Daily Show clip from 2009, John Oliver treks through a Tea Party gala to discuss tyranny, the Obama government versus King George III’s, and how shitty Jersey is. Throughout, Oliver takes great offense as Garden Staters claim Barack Obama is as big of a tyrant as the British were in the 1770s.

Early on in his Daily Show days, John proved he would do whatever it takes to tell an important story. While examining our country’s fascination with war, Oliver ends up a bloody broken mess. Amazing. Thank you for your service, Mr. Oliver.

In this classic Fox News bashing clip from 2010, John Oliver and Wyatt Cenac take on opposing sides focusing on a news story heralded by Fox News in which they lambast and ridicule Alwaleed bin Talal, a businessman who wanted to fund the mosque near Ground Zero, and also happens to be part owner of Fox News. John Oliver takes Team Stupid, while Cenac jumps for Team Evil.

What starts off as a friendly diatribe against a bulging Anthony Weiner ends with a bleeding Jon Stewart and a flailing John Oliver dictating Stewart to be “less Jewish” in regards to a slight battle scar accrued during the video. In this clip John Oliver gives a press conference directly after the Anthony Weiner scandal, and well, I’ve said enough already.

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Jon Stewart Press Conference – John Oliver Takes Over
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I still spend hours of the year wondering how Mitt Romney was in the running in the 2012 election after we all witnessed how terrible he was back in 2008. John Oliver goes deep into Romney headquarters where everything is in black and white and calendars aren’t allowed, the only thing admissible are pointy breasts, antiquated phrases, and incessant whistling.

I just rewatched Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris for the ninth time, and the theme of living in your own present while being nostalgic for the past is running pretty deep in me. I mean, I had seven dreams about ONE individual pog last night. A few years back, Fox News pundits took to the silver screen to attack Obama’s America for not being the one they loved as a child, and just not the real thing. Watch as John Oliver interviews socially and politically conscious citizens from the past few decades to discover when the Golden Age of America really existed (just a clue for everyone, we haven’t had it yet).

John Oliver’s enthusiasm is hard to contain throughout this entire video of a Florida couple and a rookie lawyer who after a run-in with Bank of America, and improperly being told to foreclose their house, took it upon their responsibility to foreclose the Bank of America. Oliver has trouble containing his excitement and rushes across the country to tell anyone that will listen. Also, watch a trailer for John Oliver’s adaptation of the story, entitled The Forecloser.

Back in the early days of John Oliver’s stint at The Daily Show he was never better than when matched with another correspondent, and in this video he teams up with Larry Wilmore to dissect the proposed ban on the N-word. Watch as two correspondents take to the streets of New York, and the incredible difficulty Oliver has articulating what the ban is for, while Wilmore has a bit of an easier time.

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Oliver/Wilmore – N Word
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I’m not sure if you remember, but back in 2008, this dude named Madoff was caught ass-fucking a myriad of people by stealing an incredible amount of money; this was the first sign of the Apocalypse, and the start of nation wide cynicism. A year later John Oliver visited MBA students from MIT and Harvard to gather more information on an ethics oath that ensured high ethical standards on all actions pertaining to business, that for some reason these students wouldn’t sign. The results are shocking.

This video is worth watching just for the extreme failure of John Oliver’s Bush impression. As Jon Stewart points out, “You’ve been here two years, that’s the best Bush you got? You’re not even crouching!” In a classically Oliverian diatribe, John Oliver tackles the stem cell research head on, claiming Obama’s plan to improve and adequately use scientific research undermines the American way of life. Watch as the conversation dwindles into the science vs. faith category, naturally.

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Stem Sell
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And without further adieu, everyone get ready for a great eight weeks with your favorite British correspondent (hopefully what occurs in this video doesn’t happen to him on the first night!).

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