Selma Blair leaves ‘Anger Management’ on FX amidst conflicts with Charlie Sheen

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In what was clearly a failed attempt at managing his anger (wink, wink), Charlie Sheen’s reported demands that Selma Blair leave FX’s Anger Management have come to fruition. Lionsgate released a statement confirming Blair’s departure although it kept silent on the exact reasons behind their kerfuffle. TMZ reported that Sheen told the producers he’d leave the show if Blair weren’t fired. No news yet on whether the character, a therapist and Sheen’s occasional lover, will die a sudden death or if someone will come in and take her part a la Bewitched.

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  • Mike

    Can someone please get to the bottom of “What info Charlie has and on who” Cause frankly it has to be huge… And it’s got to be against at least 3 studio heads…


      I am going to guess that it has something to do with the United Nations sex slave trade. Only the top upper Globalist elitist are allowed into the inner circle.

  • Lauren Fitzgerald

    Anger Management is so horrible. I don’t even have anything witty to say about it. I just can’t believe he could be on something worse than two and a half men. Who watches this? Seriously. And how does one get fired before simply running away?


      You are either being paid to say such Ridiculous stuff like those professional web propaganda trolls that are controlled by Bloomberger, CNN, MSNBC and their masters or you have really poor taste in what is and what is not funny. Almost everyone in America knew that two and a half men with Charlie was one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Anger Management Is not quite as good but it is still very funny. So how about you tell us just who it is that is paying you to say such stupid things? So how about you tell us what you think the current funniest sitcom is at this time, just so we can all get a read on just where it is that you are coming from. You just might surprise us.

      • Lauren Fitzgerald

        Good trolling.

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