George Zimmerman attorney Don West thinks he’s a comedian, but he’s really an enormous idiot (Video)

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Everyone’s a comedian– including George Zimmerman’s attorney Don West. If you don’t know who Zimmerman is or maybe you’ve tried to push all that is wrong with the world out of your brain, allow us to remind you. He’s the guy who shot Florida teen Trayvon Martin in the chest, killing him. Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman thought Martin (a 17-year-old black kid) was “up to no good.” So, ya know, he killed him.

Well now Zimmerman is on trial for murder — Zimmerman says he acted in self defense — and it turns out his lawyer (West) is a fucking asshole. In his opening statement this morning, West began with a knock-knock joke. I shit you not. What’s worse, is that his pre-joke disclaimer was five times as long as the joke. Here’s a general rule of thumb. If you have to prep your audience at all before you launch into a joke, you probably shouldn’t go through with it. Check it out below.

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  • joefranklins

    Don West will go down in history as the dumbest friggin dumbazz attorney ever. And if you watched the trial … the idiocy didn’t end there. What was O’Mara thinking when he brought this moron in to help ???

  • MurphGuide


  • brijazz012

    All the best ‘knock, knock’ jokes are the ones where the joker also has to say ‘who’s there?’

  • teafordinner

    Oy that was excruciating lol

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