Sponsored video: Nokia’s new phone takes stellar pics in dimly lit spots

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Whether you’d like to admit it or not, your phone is no longer just your phone. You no doubt use your phone to play games, find a place to eat, get directions, download and listen to music, text your buddies and, perhaps most of all, take photos– way more than you use the thing to actually speak to people. Speaking to people is for in-person, right?

For you, dear Laughspinners, maybe you go to a lot of comedy shows and while you would never take a photo of the performer onstage (unless the venue you allows it), maybe you like to hang around and meet your favorite comics after the show and snap a photo together. Well, you can’t have some ramshackle camera phone– unless you want some blurry, ugly photo that won’t impress your Twitter followers and Facebook friends. And even some quality smartphones lack in the photo department– especially if you’re taking photos outside at night or in dimly lit spaces, like comedy club showrooms. Or maybe like in the video below, you guys like to film each other riding tricked-out Vespas at night, or diving into pools at night or watching your friend dump some white viscus liquid over his head…at night.

The point is this, Nokia knows you use your phone to take photos, which is why they’ve launched the Nokia Lumia 928, “the best low-light smartphone camera. Better than the Apple iPhone 5. Better than the Samsung Galaxy S4.” Check out the video below!

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