Russell Brand on his ‘Morning Joe’ appearance: ‘the shrill white noise of dumb current affairs’

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At this point, we’ve all seen Russell Brand’s infamous interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Now, one month later, Brand is opening up about his experience on the show. In his op-ed published in The Guardian, Brand stressed that he acted as cordially as possible and that the rude behavior of the hosts and crew was unwarranted. “I was surprised by the soundman’s impatient intrusiveness” he writes, adding that “[he] yapped me to heel with the curt entitlement of Idi Amin’s PA.” Brand goes on:

In response I wandered calmly from the studio and into the corridor, where a passing group of holidaymakers were enjoying the NBC tour. Often when you encounter rudeness from the crew, it is an indication that the show is not running smoothly, perhaps that day, or maybe in general. When I landed in my chair, on camera, and was introduced to the show’s hosts – a typical trident of blonde, brunette and affable chump – it became clear that, in spite of the show’s stated left-leaning inclination, the frequency they were actually broadcasting was the shrill, white noise of dumb current affairs.

You should surely read the entire post at The Guardian.

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