Comedians sound off on George Zimmerman verdict

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Late last night, a jury in Sanford, Fl found George Zimmerman, the 29-year-old former neighborhood watchman, not guilty on all charges levied against him in the shooting death of unnarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. While in the preceding days it was widely speculated Zimmerman would not be found guilty of murder, it seemed the lesser charge of manslaughter would likely come to fruition. It did not. From the time the decision was announced, comedians have been sounding off on Twitter about the case. Here’s a sampling.

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  • Me, Myself and I

    Zimmerman thinks he got away with murder but Karma’s not done with him yet.

    • steve

      What does karma say about hoping people who weren’t proven guilty die?

      • Me, Myself and I

        No one should wish death on another person, ever. Neither should someone kill another unarmed person who was minding his own business, especially when he did not obey the Neighborhood Watch rules (and since he appointed himself as captain, he should have been very familiar with the rules) and he didn’t obey the police to stay with his truck. He stalked an unarmed kid and when that kid tried to stand his ground, he was killed.

        Karma means, one reaps what they sow. It means, what goes around comes around. Karma completely disregards man made rules. Hence it does not care that a biased jury acquitted a killer. I reiterate, Karma is not done with Zimmerman.

        • jm313

          GZ followed TM from a distance on foot just to see which direction he was heading and ended up losing sight of him. GZ was not trying to approach TM. TM could have made it home but he didn’t because he turned back around and decided to approach GZ. He approached GZ and assaulted him. TM sucker punched him then got on top of GZ body and started hitting him and banging his head into the cement while threatening him. GZ cried for help and nobody came so he pulled out his gun and fired on TM. The fact is TM started the assault. He should have went home instead of turning around and picking a fight.

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