Larry the Cable Guy to Larry King: Live your life and leave other people alone (Video)

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On today’s episode Larry King Now, Larry King’s online chat show on Hulu (5 pm ET), he welcomed comedian Larry the Cable Guy (real name: Dan Whitney) as his guest. And while the pair talked about a great many things, it’s the bit about politics in America that was most poignant. King talks to Whitney about the culture of blue-collar comedy, asking if all blue-collar types are conservative. Whitney explains that he’s not in a position to say, but that personally, he identifies as a Libertarian. And when King asks about whether the comedian cares about gays getting married and the like, Whitney gets passionate– and it’s great.

“Why can’t people mind their own business?” he starts. “I can care less. It hasn’t affected my life at all. It gets so irritating. I don’t know when we turned into a nation of three-year-old babies. Everything offends everyone. We live in the free-est, greatest country in the world. That’s why there’s so many people bitching about stuff. They got it too good in this country. There’s other countries that you don’t hear bitching. You know why? Because they got to go out and try to find something to eat. We bitch about everything. We live in America. Lighten up! Live your life, leave other people alone and just enjoy your life.”

Check out the clip from Larry King Now below.

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  • Matt Manzella

    How’s that working out for Haiti, Dan? “Leave people alone! Let the banks screw over home-owners, who needs healthcare,fuck the environment, give guns to everybody! Git-r-dun, who needs government!?” Libertarians are the most small-minded, naive people in the world.

    • steve

      You’re the small minded one for simply insulting people you disagree with.

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