Louis C.K. on Rolling Stone cover with Boston Bomber: F*ck Rolling Stone (Video)

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Rolling Stone can go suck it. On last night’s The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, John Oliver asked Louis C.K which of Rolling Stone‘s compliments he’d prefer on his tombstone: “The funniest comedian in America” or “jerkoff genius.” In response, C.K. said, “They put that kid on the cover that blew up Boston, so fuck them.” From all of us and all of the families that have ever applauded their own question on Family Feud, “Good answer.”

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  • Honest Abe

    maybe this incident will get louis to understand how freedom of speech works. when comedians were criticized for rape jokes, he cried about it, implying that you can’t criticize them they’re comedians! it’s free speech! well guess what dumbass, rolling stone did something you thought was deplorable and you spoke out, just like those who believe comedians aren’t above reproach for the jokes they tell. this is a teachable moment for louis. i hope he gets it.

    • Sneaky John Wilkes Booth

      That’s really interesting, is this seat taken? *bang*

    • The Epitome of Epic

      I feel like there is a very big gap of difference between a joke about a rape that never really happened outside of a fictional anecdote a comedian is saying and shining a glorious spotlight on the face of some guy who set off bombs at the finish line of a crowded marathon. But maybe that’s just me. Domestic terrorism trumps hypothetical rape joke any day in my book.

      • nobody

        Thank you!

      • Honest Abe

        that’s because you’re dumb as fuck bro

        • The Epitome of Epic

          Or maybe it’s because I have priorities and crude, fictitious jokes don’t rank as high as mass murder.

          • Honest Abe


            you are so fucking dumb it hurts my heart

          • The Epitome of Epic

            correction; we don’t care about fictitious rape jokes as much as murder and domestic terrorism. And your heart hurts because it’s pumping blood to the empty cranial cavity of a moron.

          • Honest Abe

            hrrrm yes tell me more dude with “epic” in his name

          • The Epitome of Epic

            completely disengaging from the topic at hand and launching headlong into a failed attempt at trolling one’s user name. yea, i think we’re done here. lock up on your way out.

          • Honest Abe


          • Dicks

            You’re just insulting him and providing no structure to the conversation. You’re being a fucking tosser.

          • Honest Abe

            eat my shit, fuckbag

    • Dennis

      I hate you “free speech” guys. The constitutional right of free speech, means that the government can’t come and lock you in a cage for speaking out, that doesn’t mean you can’t be fired from your job, or that nobody can disagree with your point of view. The difference between comedians and Rolling Stone, is that people don’t come to comedians for credible sources of information, they come to see jokes. If Rolling Stone wants to be held to the standard of a credible news source, they have to hold themselves to those standards.

      • Dave

        Just curious, but when you say “credible news source”.. did you mean regurgitate exactly what the white house tells them to say, like the other “credible” news sources do?

        • Just Sayin’

          Maybe a credible news source is similar to a legitimate rape.

      • Honest Abe

        you can’t read. i’m sorry.

    • John Staley

      CK didn’t say take that off the cover or apologize. He just said fuck em. I think he realizes they’re free to do their cover as he is free to respond with “fuck that”, just like how critics of rape jokes, like the one from Totally Biased, say they are free to respond with something to the tune of “you’re a dick”.

    • Dicks

      The difference is that Rolling Stone wasn’t joking. They were exploiting sex appeal in a situation where it was completely uncalled for. If they were joking, it would be in poor taste, but the intent would not be to exploit a tragedy as much as it would be to make people laugh. It would be dark and not all that funny, sure, but the intent would be laughter, not “hey look at the cute terrorist, isn’t he a cutie pie?”

      Louis doesn’t exploit rape or anything like that, he jokes about them in an attempt to make people laugh in the face of tragedy, to overcome it, or at least to find joy in a very negative topic. The difference is that it isn’t about money for Louie. He can make money otherwise, he just expresses himself in a way that includes dark topics. Not to profit off of other people’s misery, but to expound upon social issues without boundary. Rolling Stone is just cashing in on people’s bullshit.

      • Honest Abe

        counterpoint: fuck you dummy

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