Mitch Hurwitz talks Arrested Development movie and fifth season at Just For Laughs

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MONTREAL – American television knows perhaps no greater success story than that of the Arrested Development comeback. It’s a classic trope: the hero show, cut down in its prime by the Big Evil Network, is resurrected by an outpouring of grief and support from its ultra-devoted fanbase – the end consequence being a glorious return to television and triumph in the face of tight-fisted network numbers crunching.

For this, AD fans have show creator Mitch Hurwitz to thank. Even after receiving the axe from Fox, Hurwitz never gave up on the show’s vision, and eventually, as we all now know, Hurwitz’s persistence and passion paid off. In a conversation with Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, Hurwitz revealed to an eager Just For Laughs audience just what was in store for rabid supporters of the Arrested Development dynasty. To begin with, there’s potentially a movie coming (provided Jeffrey Tambor doesn’t keep shooting off his mouth to the press about it.) And yes, both Sarandos and Hurwitz are very enthused about the prospect of producing a fifth season. I even got to sit next to Michael Cera throughout the entirety of the event, and if my peripheral vision isn’t significantly flawed, he was nodding in agreement.

During the hour-long discussion – in which it was clear that Sarandos and Hurwitz not only have a comfortable working relationship, but a fulfilling personal engagement as well – the two also mused over Hurwitz’s reputation for being difficult (exclusively revealed: it’s bullshit), what the real title for Pacific Rim should have been (in Hurwitz’s estimation, Robot Fights would have been better), and why it seems like William and Kate might have stolen the name “George” from the AD canon for their newborn heir. (But maybe they’re just really big Bluth buffs?) Picking apart the brain of a narrative mastermind like Hurwitz is truly no simplistic task, but after today’s Q&A session, it’s a little bit easier to see how the wheels of genius spin every day.

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