Andy Kindler blasts Adam Carolla: He’s like Hitler if Hitler weren’t funny

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comedyproMONTREAL – Each year at Just For Laughs, the comedy elite and its rabid base of devoted hangers on awaits with eager anticipation for the zings. Specifically, the zings born from the State of the Industry Address during the conference portion of the festival– ComedyPro, as it was dubbed this year. And those zings are delivered by the reliable anger-ball that is Andy Kindler.

Anyone familiar with Kindler’s caustic Yiddish-flavored barbs is aware the spice comes from rage-fueled take-downs that, at their base, are in fact (I think?) good-natured jabs at an industry that can perhaps sometimes take itself too seriously. (Ironic, ain’t it?)

Always a highlight of Just For Laughs, this year’s vitriol were directed at some of Kindler’s favorite targets, including Louis C.K.’s fashion choices (“the American Gervais”), Bill Maher (“he laughs before, during, and after each joke, and then all the way to the bank”), and Gallagher (“I have the ‘Is Gallagher Alive?’ app on my phone”). Intro’d by the mighty John Mulaney, Kindler began by tearing in to ribbing JFL keynote speaker Colin Quinn (“I could finally understand what he was saying!”), before moving on to bigger targets, like Comcast and Vine. One of the speech’s most laugh-out-loud moments came when Kindler read aloud his tweets to the aforementioned cable juggernaut – seems that, no matter what he does, Comcast is still giving him Leno. Leno, Leno, Leno. You can probably guess how warmly the crowd received that news.

But perhaps the largest, most brutal slaying was delivered to Adam Carolla, a widely loathed symbol of comedy hack-dom at its hackiest. Carolla, as it turns out, is also in the midst of crowdsourcing $1 million from fans and other comedians so he can make a movie. Kindler apologized for appearing on Carolla’s podcast, and then dispensed the sharpest stake to the heart of zinging with this: “Adam Carolla is like Hitler if Hitler weren’t funny.” And before that, “he’s a bigot with a capital NAZI.” Ouch. (Or however you say “ouch” in German.) While no PC-impresario himself, Kindler betrayed genuine disgust with Carolla’s largely acknowledged racism and sexism, and it didn’t seem there was a single voice of dissent in the packed house. Compared to what Kindler thinks of Carolla, Leno and Kindler are practically bosom buddies.

As always, the State of the Industry leaves a lot of room for improvement, but ya know Kindler is just kidding when he dismisses it all as a steaming pile of shit. Except for Carolla. There’s no hope of redemption for Carolla. In closing, Kindler offered this nugget of divine truth: “If you’re a comedian and you’re not saying anything funny, you’re just a racist.”

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About the Author

Emma Kat Richardson

Emma Kat Richardson is a Detroit native and freelance writer living in Austin, Texas. Her work has appeared in, Bitch, Alternative Press, Real Detroit Weekly, 944, and She’s enough of a comedy nerd and cat lady to have named her Maine Coon Michael Ian Cat. Follow her on twitter: @emmakat.

  • el douche

    Carolla is def a hack but so is kindler

  • Nathan Armstrong

    This author must not be into comedy…. Louis C.K. , Adam Carolla, and (she didn’t mention) Anthony Cumia, are all hilarious people. Comedy isn’t about offending or who is offended. If someone laughs, that is indeed the point, the fact that he or she states Andy Kindler isn’t against free speech and comedy is a sham. Keep the pundits out of comedy, they are, after all, jokes, which Andy Kindler is terrible at.

  • cashclowncollegeprofessor

    I read the full rant and it was indecipherable and contained almost no good examples. Seems like this guy makes most of his material from tearing other, funnier and more successful people down. Not a good look.

  • scumby

    by his his words Kindler is the world’s biggest racist

  • abcnewscensorscansuckit

    I guess we know what broads do with their “gender studies” degrees now: write shiddy articles that no one will read…

  • abcnewscensorscansuckit

    Who TF is “Andy Kindler,” and why is he smashing his more successful betters? I just learned today that he ran his mouth about Anthony Cumia too, so is he just seeking much-needed publicity? Or is he one of these tired old liberal comics who bashes comics who think that the government needs to stay not ONLY out of our bedrooms, but our neighborhoods, schools, cities and towns as well? God this is so why I despise libs!

  • Matt

    Adam Carolla as a hack and a Nazi? I don’t get the impression that Emma Kat Richardson or Andy Kindler are very familiar with his work. Carolla has a very refreshing view on reality, especially with his ability to stay outside of the kind of lazy, inaccurate accusations that this article throws around. Let me qualify this with the fact I am a liberal. I often find myself at odds with what Adam has to say, but the guy is insightful, he has a perspective built from years of experience, and he is anything but a hack. If he has a fault it is due to opinions formed too much on personal experiences, which is the polar opposite of what you are accusing him.

  • Andy

    I knew when I saw the truly hack-ish Woman and Gender Studies BA, that this was going to be a comedic — in an unintentional way — article.

  • MB-72

    Who the F is Andy Kindler!? Listen, Kinder, Emma Richardson, (You sound like a real joy to hang out with! I know you don’t get comedy, that’s called sarcasm.) jealousy is a muthafu#ka, we get it, you aren’t making movies or have the #1 most downloaded podcast and Carolla does. Keep hating, maybe one day someone will notice you!

  • Suarez

    Adam Carolla is an unintelligent bigot, and I’m not sure how anyone can argue with that – even if you find him funny.

    Those types of characteristics do not hold up well over time. I’d be willing to bet that 30 years from now, if you play an Adam Carolla podcast for a person in their 20s, they would squirm with disgust.

    Remember when he used to call soccer “fag ball” with a smarmy grin on his face? That was only about 10 years ago and it’s already not holding up so great.

  • warwitheastasia

    I know I’m late to this hate party where we all explain how stupid this writer is, but this comparing/contrasting of Carolla w/ so-called “alt comics” (those supposedly smarter, more original anti-hack comics w/ artistic integrity) is just a false quasi-dichotomy; I present as proof a YT video titled “Loveline – They can either be 17 or 77 but they all look 38″, ( ) which features Adam Carolla hosting Loveline w/ Dr. Drew & guests Patton Oswalt & Brian Posehn in studio (2 “alt-comics” who I’m sure this writer would consider not only not hacks, but probably the intelligent, original, comedic antitheses of Carolla). Notice a little after 6:05 in that video Patton Oswalt laughs so hard at a couple lines from Carolla – which, of course, he made up off the top of his head – that Oswalt can’t speak for about 15 seconds. So the “hackiest hack” is able to crack up Patton Oswalt (your comedy boyfriend) countless times over the course of that show, all of which were improvised; how many of your jokes has Oswalt laughed at, Ms. arbiter of intelligent comedy?

    Also, Carolla was offered the job that went to Artie Lange on the Howard Stern show, replacing Jackie “the Jokeman” Martling as Stern’s #2. He turned it down since, at the time, Loveline, a show he had turned into the west coast K-Rock’s flagship program, was syndicated across the country, and he had several TV development deals. All of this came – exclusively – from his ability to come up w/ hilarious shit on the fly… which makes me wonder: does this author even know what “hack” means in the context of comedy and comics? In comedy, a hack does lame, easy, predictable jokes which are unoriginal in their topics, setups, punchlines, mannerisms, “shtick”, etc. Comedy which is improvised – entirely off the cuff – cannot, by definition, be “hackneyed”, since even the performer doesn’t know where the joke is going at the beginning. He isn’t telling jokes everyone has heard before (a hallmark of hacks); in fact, he’s telling jokes that NO ONE, including himself, have heard before. That’s the OPPOSITE of a hack, genius. The racist/sexist shit, well, that’s a product of people’s feelings getting hurt; its not based on rational reactions to rational statements. Its based on emotional reactions to Carolla’s (largely) funny, if not rational, comments, which are to be taken in the spirit in which they’re made; that of comedy. If your reaction to a joke is to whine about your “hurt feelings”, then maybe you’re in the wrong business.

  • S Goglin

    It really warms my heart to see so many people sticking up for Adam. He is hilarious. Some of his political opinions bug me. But he’s extremely intelligent and wants the best for everybody. Fuck Andy Kindler. I think the reason he says Adam Carolla is not a standup comic, despite the fact that he sells out theaters is that Kindler is jealous that he’s been doing it for twenty years and can’t come close to drawing as many people as Carolla can after doing it for four years. The reason he started off by saying “I apologize that i ever went on his podcast” is so that he can not defend himself against Carolla on his podcast, because he knows Carolla would completely dominate him in a discussion about Kindler’s statements.

  • comedy nerd

    this article is overtly biased and sad. Carolla up, Kindler down, article writer should find a new line of work.

  • USCJules

    Who wrote this article? It is clear that neither the writer nor Kindler have heard Carolla’s act (or lack of it)? He gets up and rifts! How can possibly be “hacky?”
    Kindler and this uninformed middle-aged uninteresting writer need to look up the definition of “hack.” If he were a hack, nobody would talk about Carolla because he’d be doing weather jokes.

    2 /hæk/ Show Spelled [hak] Show IPA



    a person, as an artist or writer, who exploits, for money, his or her creative ability or training in the production of dull, unimaginative, and trite work; one who produces banal and mediocre work in the hope of gaining commercial success in the arts: As a painter, he was little more than a hack.


    a professional who renounces or surrenders individual independence, integrity, belief, etc., in return for money or other reward in the performance of a task normally thought of as involving a strong personal commitment: a political hack.


    a writer who works on the staff of a publisher at a dull or routine task; someone who works as a literary drudge: He was one among the many hacks on Grub Street. Synonyms: scribbler.

  • Thinkfirst

    This is more than a little ironic comic from one of the most unfunny hacks around. This no joke bum peaked as a recurring loser who never made anyone laugh on Everybody Loves Raymond. A role he obtained – no doubt – from comedian friends of his like Ray Romano who felt bad for his friend who could never make it out of the clubs due to lack of talent. If you’re going to criticize carolla, you probably shouldn’t be an irrelevant nobody with zero original humor, name recognition, or buzz.

    • JonathanNathan

      And clearly you don’t know shit about comedy.

  • Jerry

    Everybody is a little racist and a little sexist, sometimes. If you disagree you’re also a liar on top of being a racist and a sexist. Well what do you think about yourself now… MONSTER!!??

    Carolla hast to generate like 8 hours of material a week, ALL off the cuff. NO stand up comedian could do that as well as Carolla. So naturally he will fall back on easy targets, Women and minorities etc.

    But don’t try to easily dismiss him as some Fox News hack he’s way more incisive than that.

    • JonathanNathan

      Wait, so somebody forces Carolla at gunpoint to generate eight hours a week? Well sure, that excuses it then.

  • mike jones

    “he’s a bigot with a capital NAZI.*
    and in the next sentence he said someone else was unfunny.

  • ………

    Every comment on this seems to disagree with the author’s POV. I’d like to add one more.

  • putthehammerdown

    Why does it seem that Andy Kindler never seems to smile too much ??
    Answer : …..’cause Rays’ schwantz doesn’t ‘come’ over any more……………

  • BD Cammo

    The irony of this comedian calling Carolla unfunny is only surpassed by the writer calling him a hack

  • DGoeke

    Who is Andy Kindler?

  • Pat_Loudoun

    So this is what happens when Hipster Doofuses attempt Comedy. They piss off a guy who’s tight with the next host of the Tonight Show.


  • u2u2u2

    This author of this article is reliable, because we all know that Women’s Studies majors are legendary for their senses of humor.

  • CasketGloryhole

    I listen to Adam’s podcast regularly. I rarely agree with him politically (I’m about as bleeding-heart-liberal as it gets), but he very often makes me roar with laughter. To say he’s a bigot and compare him to Hitler is way, way off the mark. I’ve only heard Kindler a handful of times on various shows and to say he’s not particularly funny is a bulls-eye. He also unfavorably compared Dane Cook to Hitler one of those times I heard him, so I guess Adolf is continually moving up in his book.

    • u2u2u2

      Kindler is the comic that nobody finds funny except other leftwingers. The criticisms of Carolla always deal with his libertarian politics. He works without a script and puts out a podcast that millions of people download because his stuff is hilarious, while unfunny losers like Kindler sweat to put out a crap routine.

      Watch this, and tell me if you laughed even once.–LOWrDseqg

      • JonathanNathan

        Dude, Kindler’s material is not that political. He’s a comic’s comic that even Carolla would say is brilliant.

  • John Oliturd

    Its ironic that the guy making Hitler comparisons and having yet another go at Jay Leno is calling someone else a hack. Aren’t those two of the lowest hanging fruits in all of Hackdom?
    I had never heard of Kindler until this ‘beef’, but yeah, he was a part timer on a shite sitcom so I guess he can talk.
    One thing I know is that if you trace the history of beefs (especially in comedy) it is usually a haters paradise and the ones doing all the chirping are usually a few rungs below, so congratulations Adam, you have officially made it.
    WTF is a ‘comic’s comic’ anyways?

  • CCC

    “a widely loathed symbol of comedy hack-dom at its hackiest.”

    Now THAT was clever! I”m going to have to remember that one! Where in the world did she come up with something like that? It must be that BA in professional writing and gender studies.

  • Levelheadsteve

    I am no longer going to spend any money on Kindler’s comedy. Oh wait, I had never heard of him before this article anyway.

  • Mike F

    I’m a fan of Adam Carolla even if I don’t always agree with what he has to say. He does repeat himself but he is also one of the quickest on his feet when it comes to comedy. I’m not a big fan of Kindler but I’ve never really had much against him.

    I think a lot of pure stand ups look bad on Adam’s show because Adam performs more like an improve than a stand up.

    That being said, what Kindler said about Leno, Dane Cook, Louie CK (yep), and Adam smacks more of bitterness than real social commentary. Leno and Cook are easy targets and Adam can be divisive. He basically describes Louie CK as overrated and I think that really set the tone for me.

    There are a lot of comedians that don’t make me laugh and just are not my style but I don’t go on long rants bashing them. One striking thing is I don’t hear Adam making extended attacks on other comedians (I know he has hit out at Conan before and I don’t get it). Comedians have bombed terribly on his show and he seems to resist attacking them for it. Even Kindler basically just got a quick “fuck off” and it was done.

    I think a great parallel was when Todd Glass was on the show recently. He called Adam out during a live show and Adam barely made mention of it.

    Not all of Adams jokes land right and he sometimes says things that even I cringe at but I’ve never felt that he truly has a mean or racist bone in his body.

    I think he’s right that too little attention is made by some about how much of a factor broken families are in failing education and poverty. No government program is going to keep young men of any color from failing to support their children and I’m skeptical about how much any program can prevent young women from having children too soon. This is Adam’s primary rant that gets him labeled racist and I think a lot of people miss that his problem is not with the color of anyone’s skin but rather how they actually live their lives and own up to their responsibilities.

    Lastly, take a look around at the other articles on this website. Most have no comments at all and if they do it is one or two. Maybe the writers here should focus on getting an active readership by actually writing about comedy in a real way instead of just baiting.

  • Dan Wiberg

    Ever since media asked Carolla “Who is funnier, men or women?,” he’s taken it from the pc/far left crowd. He’s an easy target because he’s not afraid to express his opinions (whether they’re right or wrong). At least he has the guts.

  • Coup

    I guess I can see how intimidating Adam Carolla’s digital network is to people like Andy and network exec’s given network TV is dying AM/FM is dead, newspapers are dying the list goes on. A paradigm is occurring and you are in it, or out of it so to speak.

  • JR

    I only know Andy from his appearance on Ace’s podcast when he bombed miserably. I have been listening to the show for 2+ years and never has a guest been that poor. Carolla’s podcast format really exposes “comedians” who can’t hang in a free rolling, make anything funny setting and Kindler was the prime example of not cutting it.

    • JonathanNathan

      You clearly have never seen or heard Kindler live.

  • Coup

    Wow Andy, are you that disconnected from comedy? Go back and listen to your podcast with Adam, and then read what you said and see if it still is industry worthy…I think not!

  • Anderson Cowan

    I don’t understand. Who is Andy Kindler? I am a huge Adam Carolla fan and I have never found him to be racist, ever!

  • Spindles

    You can get a BA in women and gender studies? Lol.

    • Wetblanket

      Yeah, I really thought that was a BS degree…

  • Andrew Green

    Carolla is one of the funniest comedians working today. There’s a reason why so many people connect with him, and those who say he’s racist/sexist/conservative haven’t really paid attention or listened.

    • JonathanNathan

      Yes, there is a reason why so many people connect with him: He’s racist/sexist/conservative and a lot of people are racist/sexist/conservative.

  • DHOL

    carolla is many things, but a hack is not one of them. funny, however, is.

  • Bucho

    Even if Carolla really was the devil calling him “hacky” is actually communicating that you don’t know the meaning of “hacky”.

    A hack is someone with no originality or creativity, who only has the ability to walk the paths already cut by others. Carolla, whose range, as proven over and over by his famous “What Can’t Adam Complain About” bit, is practically unmatched, is pretty much the opposite of that. As well as being the comedian who has jokes about everything under the sun, the only comedian I can think of who has as expansive a vocabulary as Carolla does is Russell Brand. Not bad for a guy who can barely read.

    • Nietzschean

      That’s when Carolla’s funniest. His spontaneous verbal wit would be impressive for anyone, but for a guy of his background, it’s quite simply astonishing.

  • PaprikaNoodle

    Emma Richardson is the douchiest douche who ever douched.

  • Guy_DuBroue

    as Ace might say to the hack author of this piece – Emma, are you a liar or stupid?

    Andy and the rest of that audience are well aware that Adam is capable of doing off the cuff what takes Andy Kindler and the rest of that audience FUCKING YEARS to develop (and its still not as good as Ace’s average Tuesday most of the time). Secure comedians (all four of them) know this and give him proper credit. In the time it took Andy to write that speech Ace has created multiple dozens of hours of original material.

    Anyone laughing at Andy’s speech was doing so in shame or because their publicist hasn’t been able to get them on Ace’s podcast yet.

    • JR

      nailed it

  • JJ

    Kindler has seen more black cock up close than colonel sanders, so why should this upset anyone?

  • tyler james hansen

    Carolla is the Fox News of comedy – he knows how to inflame his meat-head audience and milk his fame at every turn. He’s great at what he does, but I would argue that his contribution to the comedy world, and the human spirit in general, amounts to a wet fart.

    Just look at how these dude’s mouths are foaming at the writer’s bio and the idea of feminism. Adam knows what he’s doing, it’s made him rich, and we’re all dumber for it.

    Vaginas are awesome, guys. Take it easy and you might find yourself in one someday.

    • Mainlander

      Good job showing you have no clue what you’re talking about.

    • Jonfw2

      A Fox News AND a vagina reference! Excellent job defending the person who called someone a “hack”.

      • tyler james hansen

        I’m not necessarily defending the writer. It was definitely a blatant takedown piece. But to expect objective journalism from a comedy review site is a bit ignorant.

        My comment is about the inane meat-head attacks on the writer and her background. You’re just proving that Carolla is indeed a champion of douchebag chumps who take the time to go on a site they don’t frequent to shit on someone for going to a school you don’t like or studying a subject you’re not familiar with.

        • Jonfw2

          Your definition of “attacking” is very liberal. I haven’t read anything here that reads much worse than critical.

          Now, meat-head douchebag chumps on the other hand….

        • Nietzschean

          At the risk of being thought a meathead, her background is relevant because not so long ago Carolla made a statement about women and comedy that a feminist so-called comedy writer might take personally. If she wants to make herself ridiculous cheerleadng for Kindler’s unfunny ad hominem attack on Carolla, then that’s her choice. Calling people racists and Nazis isnt very nice, ya know.

    • filmklassik

      Tyler you gotta admit that a BA in Women and Gender Studies is a bullshit degree and says a great deal about the politics of the one pursuing it.

      And to say “Adam knows what he’s doing, it’s made him rich” implies that he doesn’t REALLY believe the assertions he is making on his podcast. But why would you assume that?

    • Doherty86

      “Vaginas are awesome, guys. Take it easy and you might find yourself in one someday.”

      Stupid meatheads. Male feminists get all the pussy!

      • Nietzschean

        Exactly. The ultimate blonde goddess fantasy is an army of woody allens coming to do a reenactment of the rape of the sabine women.

  • Mainlander

    Adam’s hilarious. Never even heard of this guy. Boo hoo.

  • DeBaliviere

    Poor Li’l Andy. Has he burned through all his Everybody Love Raymond money? #bitplayer

  • DeBaliviere

    Detroit native who received her BA in professional writing and women and gender studies from Elizabethtown College in 2008

    Emma just scored the hat trick of fail: 1) Detroit, 2) BA in…women and gender studies 3) Elizabethtown CollegeOh wait

    Her journalism and feature writing has been published in…Bitch…Bookslut and Real Detroit Weekly.

    That changes everything!

  • buttafuco

    pretty depressing Andy Kindler is honored to give a speech before a comedy festival, and instead of saying something heartfelt, or unique, he spends it bashing a more successul comedian. Pretty pathetic this website has made it news worthy, and have given Mr. Kindler the sad attention he needs. Well if you can’t make a name for yourself through your original material, i guess its best to bash others much more successful than you.

  • Jordan

    This whole story is “hacky”! ” and it didn’t seem there was a single voice of dissent in the packed house.” What does that sentance mean? Everyone agrees because no one stood up in his defense? Laughspin might be falling apart…

    • Kenith Adams

      I noticed that line too, as if it somehow equates to an informal poll. All that can be learned from “no voices of dissent” is that the audience of a keynote address at an industry conference was polite.

      Considering this was also an address to a stage performing industry I it should be no surprise there was no dissent because they all hate hecklers!

  • Ben

    Who’s Andy Kindler?

  • bubba

    This author is a hack. I already forget her name. She should check with jeff ross jimmy kimmel david allen greir howard stern and other comedy experts and see if they think adam carolla is a hack

  • steve

    Kindler simply isn’t funny and Carolla is. Kindler doesn’t like him because they have different view points. Lame speech this year.

  • Sam

    Someone with a degree in women’s studies who covers comedy for a living, what possible preconceived agenda could she have vis a vis Carolla?

    He says some unfortunate things, and is often misquoted, but this is just shoddy journalism.

  • Jonfw2

    Comparing anything said by a comedian to the Nazis is hacky comedy…ON STEROIDS!

  • Jonfw2

    Don’t forget everyone: The Left is the side for inclusion, understanding, and embracing difference.

    Unless you disagree 1% with anything they say.

  • Sam

    Hackneyed? Like calling someone a Nazi?

    • Jonfw2

      Excellent point. “Nazi” is such a horrible fallback, and it’s usually super inappropriate. And specifically with this nonsense, it illustrates Kindler’s total lack of knowledge of Carolla’s viewpoints.

      • Olga

        Not to mention the Nazi’s viewpoints.

  • Jonfw2

    Leaving the entertainment establishment and putting tons of your own money into building an alternative to the mainstream on a brand-new medium entirely from scratch? Yeah- that is so hacky.

  • bungopony

    A BA in women and gender studies?THAT is as good a working definition of hackery as you’ll ever get.

  • Anyone

    How did an editor ok this?

    • Thacker

      ‘Kindler betrayed genuine disgust’ I think the dumb bitch meant Portrayed. Get back in the kitchen!

  • Fender

    Andy Kindler is just pandering to the crowd. With no name value to speak of outside that room, he needs to latch onto somebody’s wagon, and Ray Romano doesn’t do sitcoms anymore.

    And apologizing for appearing on Carolla’s podcast is extremely poor form. I listened to that podcast, and the only one who should be apologizing is Kindler… nothing this guy had to say generated any laughs… the silence from the audience said it all.

    Continue to settle for your once a year court jester-like appearance at Just for Laughs, and whatever other table scraps you can get from comedians who are actually funny.

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  • Bucho

    It’s imbecilic to argue something as wildly subjective as the funniness of anybody – especially someone for whom there are hours upon hours of recorded evidence where fellow pro comedians, including many darlings of the left such as Patton Oswalt and Paul F Tompkins, are laughing at his jokes – but there might be a halfway intelligent discussion to have about the extent to whether Carolla is truly evil or just playing a part.

    I like Andy a lot but if Carolla really was the devil why would out-and-out lefties like Sarah Silverman, Jon Stewart and Alec Baldwin call him a friend? Could it be that perhaps once you get to know the guy you see how much of his on-stage/on-mic bluster is an act?

    • filmklassik

      In other words, you’re saying that Carolla’s words — if sincere — are “truly evil”? Do you honestly believe that?

      • Bucho

        No. I think he’s wrong about the way the world works on a few things, but I think his heart is actually in the right place.

        For example, his constant calls for there to be more emphasis on parents staying together, which misguidedly and knee-jerkedly gets called out as racist because there are more African American broken homes per capita than white ones, is pretty clearly motivated by the fact he cares that young black kids deserve a better chance.

    • JonathanNathan

      Does it matter that it might be an act when so many people clearly take it completely seriously?

  • Nietzschean

    Shorter version: I’m still upset about Carolla’s observation that women arent as funny as men.

    • Mainlander

      Well considering that’s not what he said…. He said a greater percentage of men are funny.

      • Nietzschean

        Thats exactly what he said. You dont have to explain to me the basics of linguistic logic. I KNOW he didnt say all men are funnier than all women. Come on, dude.

  • Nietzschean

    The Achille’s Heel of this bit is the problematic fact that Carolla is funny.

  • MostlyCloudy

    The funniest part of any of this is the “About the Author” paragraph. A community college feminist comedy journalist that gets $25 an article for Laugh Spin.

    • filmklassik

      Exactly. The minute you see the words “received her BA in women and gender studies” you just know she’s bought her token and is climbing aboard the R (as in “Racist!!!”) train. Never fails.




      Dear God it’s getting crazy out there.

  • Aero

    Kindler has to be the saddest douche in the industry.

  • Jorge Garrido

    I don’t get how anyone could have a problem with Carolla, the man is hilarious. A bigot and a hack, really?

    • pdxuser

      I had to Google it. I guess they’re referring to stuff like this:

      Not taking a side here, just letting everybody in on the conversation.

      • Mainlander

        Gawker? About as left-wing and biased as they come.

      • Guy_DuBroue

        There is clearly a comprehension problem with Gawker’s writer, which should be enough to end his writing career. Or it could be another case of “liar or stupid”

        His reaction is emotional vs. intellectual and that is not journalism. He is reacting to what he thinks Carolla is saying without ever really considering the point…..which is Adam cares more about elevating EVERYONE but is wise and realistic enough to understand that we are each best positioned to elevate ourselves. He is not anti-assistance for those in need. He is anti-unnecessary hand out. The difference should be easy enough to comprehend and is a pretty large part of what defines American ideals.

        BTW – I’m about as left as they come but am huge fan of Carolla. the two are not mutually exclusive if you are willing to listen to what Adam says vs. just picking a team and sticking to the party line.

        • JonathanNathan

          “I’m about as left as they come,” said the guy who had argued in favor of libertarianism in the previous paragraph.

  • rambo

    This is such horse shit journalism. I may never come back to laughspin.

  • Jason Martynowski

    Interesting that this “journalist” is calling someone else a hack… He is an idiot who clearly just disagrees with Carolla’s opinions and/or politics and Kindler is just an anger, bitter, washed up loser. Completely jealous and pathetic.

  • Bearspaw

    Carolla is a widely acknowledged sexist and racist? By the likes of hacks like Kindler and Emma Richardson? Now that is a good joke.

    • Toads

      Er yeah he is widely acknowledged as sexist and racist, you just have to listen to the guy talk for 10 minutes to figure that out.

    • REJ

      Tell that to Manny Pacquiao.

  • D B Burrill

    Y’know I’ve never really thought about Adam Kindler one way or the other before, thought maybe he was a pretty funny guy but never enough to really catch my fancy, he’s just kinda hovered around the periphery of my and I think everybody-else’s comedy consciousness for the last 10, 15 years. I kinda think he’s trying to up his game by going after one of the few comics who’s right of center, for that Carolla must be hammered down by the left-wing forces of comedy goodness. Also this writer is obviously a left-wing hack who comes up with outright lies, such as “widely-loathed,” and “hackdom at it’s hackiest.” Carolla has one of the most popular podcasts available and if nothing else is always working on new endeavors both in comedy and business. The man is not resting on his laurels.

  • Kathy Shaidle

    “What Carolla does isn’t even really ‘stand up'” say dorks who worship Andy Kaufman as a god.

    Are there any more rule-obsessed conformists and Puritanical scolds than the “hip, free thinking liberals” who populate alt comedy?

    • andycanuck

      Maybe womyn who write for online comedy sites?

      • Black__Mamba

        Well I’m sure Emily Cat Whatshername is WAY funnier than Adam Carolla. Yup.

  • Andrew J.

    Hacky is taking pot-shots at someone at whom it’s trendy to direct vitriol, i.e. Carolla. Alt comics and traditional stand-up joke tellers love to hate the guy for stealing their thunder. Sure, some of it may the Miller Lite of comedy (simple and easy to take in but wildly popular), but he’s successful. And no one hates successful “peers” more than comics. Plus, he’s 100% spot-on a bout a lot of things, so maybe people should listen to the message and not focus upon who’s saying it.

    • get in the van

      Dennis Miller Lite?

  • RecklessProcess

    Andy Kindler is a hate filled leftist. If he were funny he would have a job. Like all typical left wingers he just call Carolla names. He cannot say a single thing about Carolla that is substantial he just hates him because that is what a good leftist is supposed to do to anyone who is not a hard left totalitarian. No one could be more divisive than the hate mongerer Kindler.

    • Jonfw2

      REckless, I don’t understand: the Left is about inclusiveness, understanding, and appreciating everyone’s unique differences!

    • Frushtrated

      Shit, I am a hate-filled lefty, and I don’t agree with numerous things that Carolla espouses. But who gives a fuck? I can listen to people that I like on both sides and disregard what I don’t agree with. The thing that Kindler said that completely rendered moot all legitimacy in his argument is that he stressed that Carolla doesn’t have a funny bone in his body. It’s like trying to make a convincing argument and throwing in something so obviously incorrect that you can’t take anything he says seriously because you know he’s trying to get you on his side by being disingenuous. [It also doesn’t strengthen his argument that he not only called Carolla unfunny, but in the same breath proceeded to use the hackiest references ever, Nazi and Hitler?!?] I have way more respect for Todd Glass heckling support for Kindler; not saying Carolla’s unfunny, but that he’s “an asshole.” He’s stating his opinion; there’s no litmus test for “asshole”, but to say that Carolla is not funny is simply a lie. And Kindler knows it. He’s saying it to sway people who aren’t familiar with Adam. There is a reason that Carolla is friends with very lefty comedians/funny people like Dana Gould, Greg Fitzsimmons and Seth MacFarlane, and it’s not because he is unfunny. I was glad to see the hugely respected Dana Gould on a recent show, showing that he doesn’t give a shit. By the way, Kindler CAN be really funny. Unfortunately, he’s also really cunty. I’m done with him.

  • Kathy Shaidle

    Jealousy is an ugly thing.

    Carolla: Two NYT bestsellers. 14 cars. Hot wife. Cute kids. Giant podcast. Cool friends. Zillions of fans who want to be co-producers of his movie — because that’s what ‘crowd sourcing’ is. Built his own house and new studio. Just started a new and very successful booze business.

    This guy? Never heard of him.

    A “racist” is just a conservative who is winning an argument with a liberal. This guy has nothing more to offer than Godwin’s Law violations and the good old “racist” label. But HE calls Carolla a “hack”?


    • craigvan

      I suspect that Kindler would get along well with Carolla’s parents.

      • Addison Todd

        “How would I know that?” #TopDrop

    • Guy_DuBroue

      damn well said!

  • Juan Barela

    I’d love to see Richardson and her BA in professional writing and women and gender studies debate her opinions on The Carolla Show. Have her defend her article. He’d wad up this mental midget like so much aluminum foil.

    Yeah, Kindler’s State of the Industry Address is news, but calling Carolla “a widely loathed symbol of comedy hack-dom at its hackiest,” that’s Richardson, not news, and she needs to keep her Googled opinions to herself.

    Besides, Kindler went on an extended rant against Louis CK last year, about how any 5 minutes of Portlandia is funnier than the entire run of Louie. So Carolla’s in good company.

    BTW, Emma, thanks for reminding me to donate to his movie fund. I’ll go do that now.

    • philgreen

      I think Louis is an incredible achievement, really wonderful, but it’s not exactly a laff riot. Portlandia makes me want to move to a 4th floor apartment so I can jump out the window.

      • Michael DiSciullo

        Portlandia entertains the people on it ten times more than the people watching it. Not the right way to do comedy.

    • CasketGloryhole

      Hadn’t heard the Louie thing. There are several episodes of that show that are the best things I’ve ever seen on television. Just reinforces the idea that Kindler should not be anyone’s arbiter of what’s funny.

  • J-L Cauvin

    I don’t like Carolla’s politics particularly but how is he a “hack”?” The guy generates a ton of content each week so I am sure not everything out of his mouth is groundbreaking, but he is extremely quick off the cuff. And although I have no problem with Kindler, isn’t Carolla, a man who has basically built an island for himself because he dislikes much of the establishment and the industry, sort of an easy target since he puts himself out on a limb so often?

    • Billy

      I was unaware, but apparently Carolla’s not just a hack, he’s “a widely loathed symbol of comedy hack-dom at its hackiest.” The author states her opinion like it’s just a well-known axiom. But of course, everyone knows that she’s also the hackiest hack writer in hack-writerdom, because hey, I just said so….

      • Aceman

        Have to agree with Billy completely.

      • Fender

        I’m guessing the author is one of those people who disagreed with what Carolla had to say last year about women being funny.

        Not to worry… he’s still funnier than Miss Richardson.

      • Rorshach Sridhar


    • craigvan

      Who’s Kindler?
      Carolla built his own platform entirely. His politics just seem to be common sense observations of what goes on around him and his loathing for his loser parents who he has entirely overcome.

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