Comedian Eddie Pepitone is launching his own podcast

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After three-and-a-half years as a co-host on the popular Longshot Podcast, comedian Eddie Pepitone is exiting the show to start his own. “I’ve wanted to do my own podcast for a while,” Pepitone says on the newest episode of The Longshot. “I really have loved doing this podcast, it’s so much fun. I feel like I just want to dedicate myself to do doing my own thing, which I’ve wanted to do for about a year now.”

Though all the details haven’t been hammered out, Pepitone — aka The Bitter Buddha – told co-hosts Sean Conroy, Jamie Flam and Amber Kenny the plan was to debut the first episode at the beginning of September and that the name of the show will be Pep Talks with The Bitter Buddha Eddie Pepitone.

“I want it to be me ranting about a couple of things every week—a rant about whatever topic I choose,” Pepitone says, adding that he’s toying with the idea of doing episodes as some of the characters he’s done on The Longshot. Pepitone says the podcast – like The Longshot – will be part of the All Things Comedy network. As for The Longshot, Conroy says he’s not sure yet how Pepitone’s exit will affect the show.

Listen to the full episode below. Pepitone’s announcement begins at around the 40-minute mark.

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  • a_w_young

    Eddie’s a great guy and totally hilarious. I don’t really get the nastyness in a couple of the comments.

  • james

    Eddie ranting? yuck. I agree he wants to believe in what he rants about however being bitter is nothing to be proud of. it’s just sad. “I want to do my own thing…” more like “i feel a little too famous for you guys”.

    • Alex

      You guys don’t think you’re being a little harsh? Eddie has always been a walking contradiction. He’s constantly slamming the business, because all he wants is for them to open the door and let him in.

  • Val

    I’m a die-hard LoShoPo listener and it is most definitely my very favorite podcast. Eddie is actually the person who drew me to the podcast during it’s first season after listening to him promote it on WTF. Even though he is what I came to the podcast for I’m staying for the Conroy, Kenny, and Flam. They’ve had some great episodes with just the threesome and I think we’ve been getting prepped for the Pep’s exit what with his absence due to promoting his doc (FANTASTIC by the way… see it immediately if you haven’t already). Anyway… I’m sad to see him go but hopefully he’ll be back as a very special guest in the future. As long as the Long Shot has a future sans Eddie, I’m happy. Best of luck on his podcast. It might even become my second most favorite podcast.

  • smawj

    I used to think eddie was a comedian of substance, that he believed in the stuff he rants about but after he gets a little bit of fame he stops showing up to record the podcast he’s been doing for years with people who have stuck by him and then he abandons them completely. I have lost almost all faith in the man

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