Watch this robot do comedy and feel your soul die an unbearable death

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If you’d like to lose all faith in science and continue to question why the world’s most brilliant people waste time and money researching bullshit, please read on. For the second time ever, a robot has been created and then set loose on a comedy club stage— because, uh, for science? I assume we’re supposed to be impressed with this thing — called Robo Thespian — that could tell a bunch of shitty jokes. “Pat Healey, professor of human interaction and head of the Cognitive Science Group at QMUL, and Kleomenis Katevas, a doctoral candidate, had the idea to test an audience’s reaction to the robot by having him perform a set at the Barbican Center in London,” reports, who wrote the following idiotic headline: “Robo Thespian Does Stand-up For the First Time, Does Better Than Most Open-Mic Performers.” Really, did the robot do better than most open-mic performers?

Heather Knight was the first person to create a joke-telling robot. And during its 15th season, South Park addressed the disturbing news with their own version—Funnybot. Check out the clip below to see how that played out.

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  • Phil Johnson

    It’s an interesting experiment in robotics as far as motion and such. But it’s also only slightly more effective comedically as a boombox spouting the same jokes. I’d be way more impressed if the bot actually wrote the jokes, crappy as they may be.

  • christopatten

    Why do we need a robo-comedian? Like, legitimately, why the hell do we need a robo-comedian? How much do you think that son-of-a-bitch cost to develop? Probably a lot of fucking money. Can’t we use this technology to develop a robot wall street CEO that won’t embezzle billions of dollars or a robot TSA agent that’s not an asshole?

  • Nick Martin

    I wonder if they could program a non-hacky robot.

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