Dave Chappelle wanted to call Hartford audience a bunch of ‘crackers’ (Audio)

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Although a recent crowd in Hartford made it rather challenging for Dave Chappelle to deliver his set – and so he didn’t – the following dates on the Oddball Comedy & Oddities Festival (of which Chappelle’s a part) have gone well for him. But during his Chicago set two nights ago, Chappelle decided it would be a good idea to address what happened in Hartford. He did so, in part, by explaining to the Windy City audience that, “I wanted to pull a reverse Kramer and call them all crackers or something crazy like that.”

“I don’t want anything bad to happen to the United States,” Chappelle also told the Chicago crowd, “but if North Korea ever drops a nuclear bomb on this country, I swear to God, I hope it lands in Hartford, Connecticut. That crowd was evil.” You can listen to the audio below.

Here’s the thing. When you say you wanted to call them “crackers,” you’re calling them “crackers.” In fact, it’s worse because now you’re not saying it in the heat of the moment; you’ve had time to really think about what happened and how you responded that night. And after thinking about it, you decided what you should’ve done – instead of running out the clock and leaving the stage relatively civil-like – was to say something racist. Of course, Chappelle’s a comedian and he’s likely saying these things for the sole purpose of getting laughs, which he does. But it just seems that maybe he should stop talking about it and just focus on the show. The fact that he brought up Hartford while onstage in Chicago is only going to further incite misguided, drunk idiots to believe they should be part of the show when it swings through their town.

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  • l

    Reverse racism doesn’t exist.

  • Chris Neeson

    I don’t blame Dave for using his Chicago set as a means of catharsis, but I agree with Dylan’s sentiment — that prolonging the discussion may “further incite misguided, drunk idiots to believe they should be part of the show.” It’s satisfying to fulfill the urge to fire back at his critics, and to offer his perspective on the events, but every second Dave spends dealing with hecklers is a second wasted. They were never worth Dave’s time anyway; all that really matters is the Stand-up.

  • steve

    Since Dave melts down a lot and seems to use false accusations of racism as an excuse none of this is surprising.

  • Jason Wayne

    I’m sad Dave hasn’t released another special and these idiot crowds messing up his shows make it more and more likely we won’t see another special. I wish he would just focus on killing like he can and audiences would shut up and let him do it.
    When you heckle Chappelle it’s like ripping Hendrix’s guitar out of his hand.

  • Honest Abe

    haha @ believing calling them ‘crackers’ is saying something racist. you are a moron

  • http://www.FiveFeetOfFury.com/ Kathy Shaidle

    Don’t yell “I’m Rick James, bitch!” in a crowded theater…


  • Aaron J Poehler

    Wow, Dave’s a lucky guy to have someone like you telling him how to do his job. I bet he feels really grateful!

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