Laughspin Podcast, episode 72: Interview with Joe DeRosa

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It’s time for another edition of The Laughspin Podcast! Like some of my all time favorite comedians — Greg Giraldo (RIP), Marc Maron, Jim Norton, Louis C.K., Robert Kelly to name a few — Joe DeRosa is part of a crop of comedians who are, in my estimation, equally dedicated to making their audience laugh as well challenging the way they think (even if they’re not doing the latter consciously). Although a bit younger than the aforementioned comics, DeRosa has already proven his skills as an excellent joke writer and storyteller and a compelling thinker. His honesty onstage is liberating: his just-released album You Will Die (his third), finds the Philadelphia-bred comedian deconstructing Christianity, opining on why 24-hour cable news networks are horrible, living in New York and more. Of course, DeRosa spends time attacking himself, which are, arguably, some of the best moments on the album.

I recently met with Joe at his apartment in Brooklyn, where we ended up chatting about the new album (of course) but also his long-forgotten (but not by me!) comedy rap group Deep, his love for Bad Religion, Frank Zappa and Frank Sinatra– as well as his hatred for Kathy Griffin (full disclosure: Joe didn’t just start attacking her, I asked him to talk about it), and so much more. So, check it out below and be sure to download You Will Die!

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