Watch comedian Iliza Shlesinger’s emotional video about September 11

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Following up her lengthy Facebook post from early this morning, comedian Iliza Shlesinger just uploaded this video about her thoughts on the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. “I don’t think this video is going to change anything, but as an artist, I guess I feel the need to express myself,” she says, clearly emotional. Watch the full video below.

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  • Tommy MacIrish

    Iliza is smart, quick witted and hot, she also lives in a free country and can say whatever she feels, it’s the same freedom of speech that allows these mush headed half wits to spew their diahrreah of the mouth on here and criticize her. Most people have things they do in their daily lives to keep them too busy to pick apart a comedians social media video, you know, things like work, working out, hobbies, kids, pets, or just taking that bit of free time to relax. Not be an unofficial grammar Nazi or attack someone who was just trying to get people to remember what happened on that terrible day 15 yrs ago. Real Americans haven’t forgotten Iliza, ignore these macaroni and cheese breath semi retarded critics. Instead of helping to honor the memory of all the people who died on 9-11-01 these self hating mom’s basement dwellers would rather try and push your buttons while they take their overdue break from Playstation. We need more people like Iliza Shlesinger who knows what being an American means.

  • Jeff Packmann

    tits or gtfo

  • Kyle S.

    what a nonsense video

  • Ace

    her views of america may be somewhat wrong but she is speaking ablout AMERICA and herself and she is EMOTIONAL!! if half of you fucktwit commenters hate her so much or whatb not then leave the video and or just go somewhere else. y’all just too much negative energy for America to handle/ deal; with right now.

    Sincerely someone who lives in America and is NOT a total NEGATIVE ARSE HOLE.

    • greylancer

      I am a brit. I just saw this amazing young woman yesterday courtesy of NETFLIX.
      I heard nothing wrong in anything she said as a lover of her own nation. she did not say her land was perfect.

  • David

    None of the things she said are true except that she wouldn’t be as ignorant if she wasn’t an American!

  • John Edwin Jemmott

    *Barf* What a load of patriotic crap. This definitely puts the ‘Murica in America. I thought comedians were supposed to be intelligent critical thinkers, but her words today embody the stereotype of the ignorant partiotic American. Also, Aeruhl’s response is an other example of American arrogance by nit picking the grammar in an ESL speaker’s post. I doubt he, or the average American could speak any other language as well as so many people around the world can speak English and other languages.

    She implies that only Americans can be successul comedians, only American Jews can be proud Jews, and only American women have voices. I don’t even know what else to say to this other than it is ignorant blabbering. Just for one example, Canada has vocal women, proud Jews and successful comedians (many successful American comedians are Canadian), and I’m sure many other countries have all these as well.

  • arun

    I just saw this post and am disappointed at the comments. There will always be people hiding behind a keyboard and make irrational comments, but this is for those who are smarter than that.

    The point of this video is to state that 9/11 was a devastating event that lets you appreciate being an American. Whether you are an American or not, 9/11 was a major tragedy that helped to further spread the fight against terrorism because more people became aware of how much terrorism there actually is in the world.

    People have different opinions, tastes, and standards. That’s just humanity in general. If you don’t like the video, close the page and move on. There is no need to bash people and just troll around.

  • Brad

    I love Iliza, and think she is THE funniest comedienne working today. She has the potential to be the female equivalent of George Carlin, she’s that good. But this really made me cringe. There are Jewish female comediennes in many other countries who likely feel the same way about their own country. Saying “everyone loves us and hates us for the same reasons, because we’re the best” is dangerously close to Bush’s idiotic refrain that “They hate us for our freedoms”. I get that Iliza is from Texas and all but come on. And the whole world doesn’t “love” America, that’s just the self-centered, narcissistic and self-righteous worldview of ignorant parochial, insular Americans who don’t travel much. Also, by now, most grown up intelligent people who have bothered to check the facts beyond the mainstream headlines know the US government either ignored or actively assisted in the 9/11 attacks. This is well documented and exposed by WkiLeaks and whistleblowers like Sibel Edmonds. The government response to 9/11 was even more despicable. So why would all of this make anyone “proud” to be an American? 9/11 is a day to mourn in sorrow, not in pride.
    I’ve lost some respect for my favorite comedienne today.

  • Queef Police

    She is a terrible comedian.

    • Waendows

      No, you’re a terrible judge of talent. She’s a rising star and I’m certain we’ll be seeing much more of her in the future.

      • Queef Police

        Dark comedy is great as long as long as 1.) the comedian has charm, 2.)its actually FUNNY i.e. Tosh. This chick however, is just hateful without any comedic payoff. Her delivery and joke quality screams the amateur, time honored unfunny girl comedian which she is. Although she probably got where she is now with her good looks, looks doesnt equal funny. ps this video is ridicilous.

        • shirshelshalom

          So….you just said Tosh was funny. Which is how I know that I shouldn’t read anything after that. Or….before that.

          • Queef Police


          • shirshelshalom

            Oooooh burn!
            … wait.

    • shogun768


  • Kid Icarus

    that is so weird how her menstruation cycle must totally coincide with Sept 11th. i’ll wager that every 9/11 anniversary, her worst cramps happen on the exact moment the towers collapsed. thats how patriotic she is guys. U-S-A! U-S-A!

    • Aeruhl

      That is so stupid I’m not even going to touch it.

      • Josh

        and yet you did.

      • Brad

        No, it’s actually a good joke. Iliza should use it.

        • Owen

          she doesnt use good jokes man

    • Queef Police


  • Mark

    This video is the worst thing to ever happen on September 11th. What a sappy, cliche spouting hole.

    • Aeruhl

      Really? This is the worst thing that ever happened on 9/11?

      Not the thousands of innocent lives lost in the tragedy itself. Not the thousands of families across the country who lost someone or were in one way or another directly affected by it, or the thousands who now live with or die from serious health complications resulting from breathing the dust. Not the property damage, or the economic effects, or the new laws and government agencies which trample on our constitution. Not the rotten hassles and real life fears now associated with air travel. Not the thousands of soldiers subsequently sent out in to the middle east only to die, or return home mutilated or disabled, or suffering from PTSD.

      No. No, you’re right. The worst thing that ever happened on 9/11 was that you voluntarily clicked play on an emotional woman’s video blog and spent all of two and a half minutes of your life listening to her express herself in a way that you personally found irritating.


      • sagerbj

        Lighten up pussy.

    • Waendows

      You, sir, are a douche bag.

  • Tom

    With all due respect, I think this has little sense. I am spanish, I work in comedy, and I am jewish. I guess that in France, England, Argentina, and, of course, Israel, you can find a lot of jewish comedian women. America is a great country, but to think that is the only one where you can be safe being jewish, comedian or woman, is a big mistake that shows ignorance. And ignorance is a bad company for a comedian.

    • Aeruhl

      With all due respect, let’s do a quick run down of what’s wrong with this statement, by you, which makes use of the word ignorance…

      First, your language skills are wanting: “This has little sense,” would normally be written as, “this MAKES little sense.” – “America is a great country, but to think that is the only one,” would probably sound better as, “America is a great country, but to think that IT is the only one.” – And “ignorance is a bad company for” makes no sense at all grammatically. You might have tried, “ignorance is a bad quality in a comedian.”

      Second, you “GUESS” that in France, England, Argentina, and, of course, Israel, you can find a lot of jewish comedian women. Meaning that you speculate or allegedly heard/read that this was the case, but you don’t know for a fact. Whether you do or don’t, “I GUESS” is a pretty poor choice of words for someone who’s about to accuse another person of ignorance on the very same topic.

      Iliza was and is obviously very emotionally affected by the events of 9/11. As many people still are. In my opinion, splitting trivial hairs about the accuracy of her statement while she’s trying to express genuine feelings of patriotism and mourning relative to a serious tragedy is very rude.

      Besides which, if you listened a bit more carefully you might have noticed that she elaborated on each of her three descriptors: DEGREE OF SUCCESS as a comedian, POTENTIAL FEAR of being jewish, and STRENGTH OF VOICE as a woman. She never said that there was literally no such thing as a jewish female comedian outside of the U.S.

      • Manny4Mayor

        Correcting the “language skills” of someone who’s not from an English speaking country seams kind of silly. I’m guessing your grammar in Spanish wouldn’t be all that great either.

        • Leroy Veritas

          Batshit crazy asshats like you need to go play in traffic until you lose.

          • Manny4Mayor

            Ouch! Good one

          • Brad

            I see you’ve already taken your own advice, and have turned up here to demonstrate your brain damage.

          • Emmanuel Abreu


      • Brad

        “She never said that there was literally no such thing as a jewish female comedian outside of the U.S”
        If you had bothered to listen to the video more carefully you would have heard her say these exact words: “At my core, I am a woman, I am a comedian, and I am Jewish. But above all, I am an American. And I couldn’t be any of those three things without being an American.”
        She definitely implies these three characteristics are impossible/unachievable/or unlikely outside the US.

        You lying piece of shit.

        • Ken Alt

          I love all the losers trying to critique Iliza’s video… your sad, women hating views mean anything. Last I checked she is an insanely popular and successful comedian. Most of the people on this thread are still living in mom’s basement. Suck it losers.

          • Mark Barkowski

            It’s almost as pathetic as replying to 2 year old comments.

          • Ken Alt

            You seem to be following this thread pretty closely Mark. Guess there isn’t a time restriction for uptight assholes like you.

          • Mark Barkowski

            Ha ha, no please go back to defending your goddess. Sorry to interrupt. XD

    • Waendows

      She has a right to her opinion, just as you do. She’s proud of her country and feels safe there. There’s antisemitic hate all over the world, including the United States. However, last I checked Jews haven’t being hunted down and killed there lately.

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