Seth Green dishes on Dads, mimes, and Austin Powers 4 in Reddit AMA

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Seth Green has been acting for over 30 years and is best known across a variety of platforms. He broke out with roles on The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was the quintessential son with daddy issues in the Austin Powers trilogy. He has also voiced many characters from Chris Griffin on Family Guy to the pilot Joker in the Mass Effect video game saga. Last night, his brand new show Dads, executive produced by Seth MacFarlane, premiered on Fox. What’s most interesting is that Seth Green is that actor who is “best known for” his roles in a slew of obscure indie films or cult favorite box office flops, from Party Monster to Without a Paddle.

Yesterday, the Robot Chicken creator did an AMA (that’s ‘Ask Me Anything’, for the non-Redditors) where fans threw an onslaught of questions at him. Here’s what we learned.

Stop asking him about Austin Powers 4.
The Scott Evil actor has no idea what’s in store for the next shagadelic sequel. “That’s not up to me…It’s really Mike and if he has another idea that he is behind, then everyone will know that means it will be good.” At this rate though, Scott Evil would have to have given his father an Evil grandson by, right?

Du Jour tour? More like This Is Du Jour.
Fans of Seth’s fictional boy band in Josie and the Pussycats should not camp out for tickets to see a live tour any time soon. However, Green mentioned that the four of them always talk about some sort of Du Jour project. “Breckin, Donald and Alex and I all talk about that at least once a month. We would want to do it a little more like Spinal Tap than an actual national tour,” he responded.

“Voltron Breakdancing” opened up possibilities.
One redditor asked which Robot Chicken sketch was his favorite. Green reminisced on a sketch from the first season where his team had Voltron in a breakdancing battle with a villain. “The fact that we could make this iconic robot breakdance like a B-Boy was really sort of liberating. And it opened a lot of things up…if you look at everything that happened since then, we just took it and ran with it.”

Green is a multi-faceted performer. He can even mime.
“I practiced all kinds of physical performance when I was really young,” he responded in regards to a question about mimes. “[I] learned basic mime movements, so I will always have respect for the skill and artistry of it.” It was a very political answer given the documented evidence of his anti-mime stance.

Catch Seth at a Comic-Con near you! He does plenty of them.
Green attends a lot of comic book conventions due to the massive popularity of Robot Chicken. The actor/director tends to do 4-7 cons a year!

Everyone loves Joss.
One person asked if he will ever work with Joss Whedon again. “I don’t know anybody that has worked with Joss that wouldn’t work with him again,” he commented. “But the conceit with someone like Joss is that you will work with him when he has something he wants you to do, so if you respect the vision of the director, you will also respect their vision if it does not include you.” In regards to who he still hope to work with one day? Green admires and enjoys Paul Thomas Anderson and hope to one day work with the Rushmore director.

Dads controversy is all contrived.
When asked about the criticism that his new show with Seth MacFarlance is racist and offensive, the star wrote, “There have been some groups who through their own cultural sensitivities feel that jokes that we’re making are inappropriate for television, but I don’t think any of those people have really seen the show as a whole and are solely focusing on singular jokes without considering them in the context of the entire show.”

You can check out the entire AMA on Reddit. Check out his new show Dads on Fox every Tuesday at 8 pm EST to see if it’s as controversial as some say.

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