Sponsored video: Take your time and get a monkey massage with Cruzan Rum

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When you imagine what paradise is like, what do you think of? A remote tropical location? Buxom beautiful women? A non-stop party? Sounds a lot like The Don’t Hurry— it’s not an island, but a state of mind. The Don’t Hurry is where every minute lasts 64 seconds and monkeys occasionally give deep-tissue massages and Cruzan Rum flows

Cruzan Rum invites you to leave the hustle and bustle of every day living and join them on The Don’t Hurry in their new sunny welcome video, complete with obligatory Hispanic-with-open-shirt host. On The Don’t Hurry, you can enjoy the island’s favorite relaxing activities such as 0k runs and Sleeping Yoga. And enjoy delicious Cruzan Rum while you’re doing — or not doing — those things. You’re obligated to do as close to nothing as possible without being physically nonexistent. Cruzan Rum as they invite you to slow down and savor the taste of life a little longer. Just be sure to rum responsibly and join The Don’t Hurry after work. Just because you drink phenomenal rum does not mean you can’t get fired. But do order it at the next comedy club you attend that carries it and laugh a little bit harder.

Check out the video below from Cruzan Rum. Enjoy a brief escape to The Don’t Hurry and return there this weekend, or any weekend⎯ whenever. No rush. Take your time. Because when you hurry through life, you get to the end just a little bit faster.

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