Dave Chappelle is working on two new projects

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Dave Chappelle has been crushing it on the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity tour (aside from a minor hiccup in Hartford). In one of his first interviews in years with Vegas Seven, the comedy giant let slip that he’s working on two undercover projects that he’s really excited about.

I feel like if I say now, I’ll jinx them. I usually don’t say a thing until it’s almost done. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a comeback, per se. There are parts of show business I love and there are others that I’m really not interested in. But I like telling jokes and I like entertaining people. I’m trying to find ways to do it that I’m comfortable with. And there are two things that I’m doing that I feel are a good fit for me, where I’m at in my life.

What could these secret projects be? Could he be talking about the long-fabled Chris Rock/Dave Chappelle tour? Or maybe he would like to take out potential anomalies like Hartford and do a podcast in the comfort of his home in Ohio (which for the superstar could be quite lucrative)? Use the comments section below to tell us your guesses!

He got very dressed up for the Mayweather/Canelo fight last weekend. I’ll give 1000:1 odds that he goes the Joe Rogan route and becomes a boxing commentator. Any takers?

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  • Jason Wayne

    Chappelle podcast needs to happen right now.

    • Justin P. Drew


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