Tom Green is launching a new talk show called Tom Green Live

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Do you guys remember back in the good ol’ days – the late 1990s – when MTV played not just music videos, but a Canadian import known simply as The Tom Green Show? That show blew my mind, y’all. My brother and I would watch as much as possible, probably to my parents’ chagrin, entranced with the antics of a gentleman who would soon bequeath us with the gift of “The Bum Bum Song (Lonely Swedish),” which topped the TRL charts on at least one occasion. Memories.

Anyway, The Tom Green Show of my youth may be long gone, but Green is forging ahead in the mediascape. Tom Green Live, a new interview talk show, will be premiering on AXS TV on Thursday, Oct 3 at 9 pm ET. Rather than featuring comedic stunts for which Green is known, the show will instead offer more meaningful conversations and spontaneity. Tom Green Live will thus also incorporate live video Internet calls from viewers, so both Green and his guest will have to stay light on their feet and improvise their way out of whatever these viewers throw at them. The show’s description is similar to the original Tom Green Live, which the comedian launched online in 2007 (you can read our interview with Green about that). Ten bucks to whoever requests a reprisal of “The Bum Bum Song” for me.

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