Sponsored video: Intel-powered tablets can play their own tunes

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Holy cow! No, this is not another Rube Goldberg-style OK Go music video. This is a bunch of instruments being played by Intel-powered tablets! That’s right! No humans at all. Intel wanted to show off how powerful their processors are by teaming up with Australian electronic music talent Flume to create this very special track.

Did you know that Intel doesn’t just power PCs any more? Their new “Intelligent Sounds” campaign is here to show you that it can power an army of 60 tablets to perform a wide variety of musical tasks. Headed by a robotic conductor named Felix, complete with a tablet for a head, the track goes on to show the devices controlling a drum kit, a xylophone, and even a set of steam pipes. Yes, Intel-processors are so good they can turn steam into a musical instrument!

You want your tablet to have the best core processor possible so that you can play games without lag, watch videos without pausing to buffer, or surf the Internet without having to apologize to your friend that it’s taking forever to bring up that picture of your kitten on Facebook. Well, you probably didn’t know that many tablets are powered by Intel. Next time you shop for your next tablet device, you should look inside for the Intel logo. After seeing tablets create music on their own, imagine what you can create with Intel at its core and your hands on its surface!

Kick back and turn up your speakers to hear “Intelligent Sounds”.

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