Kanye West confronts Jimmy Kimmel: It’s not ok to treat celebrities like zoo animals (Videos)

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Unless you’ve been in a ZZZQuil-induced coma the last week or so – and I’m not judging you if that’s the case – you’ve no doubt heard about the Twitter spat between Jimmy Kimmel and self-proclaimed “creative genius” Kanye West. To review, Kimmel and co. re-enacted a recent interview the recording artist did with the BBC’s Zane Lowe. The twist is that Kimmel had children do the acting. Funny, right? No, says Kanye. And in 2013, how do people express their displeasure? On Twitter, of course. What ensued was a back and forth between Kanye and Kimmel.

But all is well after Kanye visited Jimmy Kimmel Live for a very, very long time last night. During the chat Kanye talks about the phone call he had with Kimmel shortly after the sketch aired. “People think it’s ok to treat celebrities like zoo animals or what they’re saying is not serious or their dreams are not serious,” he says. “And that just elevated from a call we had just as men. That elevates sometimes. You know, Jimmy does his thing, I do my thing and at a certain point these egos can flare up. We kind of took it back to high school for a little bit. That’s what happens.”

To which Kimmel responds, “And I got beat up a lot in high school so I didn’t want to go back to high school.” You can check out the entire appearance below. It’s fascinating.

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  • Kevin

    Kanye is a twat almost all of the time, but he can be right about some things. Celebrities and famous people are treated like animals. Maybe not by everyone, most celebrities are treated like they’re not human anymore. :3

    • Kevin

      Ahh, I meany most people treat celebrities like they’re not human anymore. xD

  • Brian the Bastard

    His level of ego is far more remarkable than his talent. Seriously. When I think of the term “creative genius” in music, I think of people who redefine musical possibilities, not people who are good at generating hits. Sure it’s a skill, no doubt about that and he’s knows his craft, but GENIUS? As for his whore of a wife and the walk of fame – really Kayne? Really? Is reality some world where people other than himself live in? He seems so preoccupied with materialism, fashion and fame, yet clearly wants to be taken seriously as an “artist”. Baffling and a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the entertainment industry. I used to think he was a bit of a douche. I still do, but I used to too. (copyright Hedberg)

  • kotleta

    exactly as H. Stern predicted :)))

  • Elias Lugo

    Kanye is exhausting.

  • laughingdogs

    You might not like kanye west, which, ok, I don’t either, but to call him a ‘self-proclaimed ‘creative genius” when he’s that successful (and not successful out of trying to be gross and shocking like miley but successful in that people payed to judge music unilaterally like him) seems maybe too caustic.

    • dylan

      do you not understand the meaning of “self-proclaimed?” Kanye calls himself a “creative genius.” he does it in this interview, in fact. i’m simply quoting Kanye. it’s a fact. Kanye calls himself a ‘creative genius.’ not sure what the problem is here.

    • Stone cold

      All kanye has is his excuses for his failures in life… His sense of entitlement will always be his downfall and as a result will always disappointed.

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