Pete Holmes teaches you how to do a Hannibal Buress impression (Exclusive video)

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I sat down with Pete Holmes to discuss his upcoming talk show, The Pete Holmes Show, which premieres on Oct. 28 on TBS. We talked about “comedy cancer,” living a life worth commenting on and living your dreams. Perhaps most importantly, Holmes helped me fulfill my dream of doing a solid Hannibal Buress impression with this how-to instructional video. Stay tuned for the full interview!

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  • Vince H.

    You guysa re haters that is not a bad impression. HE is not a professional impressionist but if you actually know Hannibal the essence is there. Also how can you say Pete is mediocre? Granted his newest special wasn’t as good as I was hoping but “Impregnated with Wonder” is one of the funniest standup albums of the past 5 years.

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  • Me

    Nothing like shitting on a comic’s style to make yourself feel better about being mediocre.

    • unfriended

      When did he shit on Hannibal’s style?

    • Jonathan

      Did you read the interview with him? He’d never shit on a fellow comic’s style, least of all a great one like Hannibal. It was a good-natured impression and he gives props to Hannibal in the interview.

      Also, Pete is NOT mediocre, he’s one of the funniest comedians in the game.

  • jonk

    I’ve heard him do a better job. This one sounded like a cross between Hannibal and Jeselnik.

  • Greg Kawalec

    That’s… not a good impression.

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