Sponsored video: Holiday Inn uses your reviews to make an awkwardly funny musical review

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Coming up with a catchy commercial jingle can be very difficult. That’s why Holiday Inn is making a mini-musical out of customer reviews about their great line of hotels. Be advised that although your stay at Holiday Inn will come with a clean room and great service, it will not come with a quirky singing blonde woman interrupting you in song.

The melodious customer reviews are part of Holday Inn’s $1 billion relaunch campaign. They figured that some people might not realize how awesome their stay there could be and all of the great amenities that they have. While in the gym, our awkward but enthusiastic musical host tells a man, “Why aren’t you writing about all this?” He responds, “I didn’t even know this was here!” This of course stirs an impromptu sit-up session accompanied by an appropriate work-out jingle.

This funny new “musical review” takes one customer’s experience while on his way to Mexico with his wife. It was not exactly better than Mexico itself, but Holiday Inn can make your one-night stay close to the airport feel like you’re already on vacation! Their large rooms come with ample workspace, TV, and space between the bed and the wall! Walking space? It makes me so happy I could sing (or just leave it to the woman with the guitar). They also have a tastey restaurant menu and a convenient free bus to take you to the airport whether you’re checking out or just at the end of the commercial.

If you want to see what thousands of other customers had to say about their recent stays at the new and improved Holiday Inns, visit holidayinn.tumblr.com!

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