Report: Andy Kaufman is dead

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Despite the best efforts of Michael Kaufman to convince the world otherwise, his brother, iconic comedian Andy Kaufman is dead. That’s the report from The Smoking Gun, who just posted details responding to a new round of rumors that supported Kaufman didn’t die of lung cancer on May 16, 1984 and, instead, faked his own death.

Michael Kaufman appeared onstage at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York on Monday; he was there as part of the annual Andy Kaufman Awards, which honors up-and-coming comedians who embody the eccentric, progressive attitude of Kaufman. Though comedian Harry Terjanian took the the top prize — after competing for the last four years — the announcement of his win was totally overshadowed by the alleged hoax.

alexBefore Terjanian was announced as the winner, Michael told the audience that he found a letter written by Andy. That letter explained that he intended to fake his own death. But the highpoint of Monday was when Andy’s long-lost “daughter” walked onstage and told the crowd that her “father” was still alive. The Smoking Gun story, however, deflates the entire (alleged) ruse by explaining the woman is actually an actress named Alexandra Tatarsky. She’s 24 and her real father is a doctor. You can read the full story here.

In October, Tatarsky appeared onstage in New York in Chaos And Other Worldly Possessions. (see photo) “I can tell you she was an actor in my last show — the first time I’ve worked with her — and did a great job for us,” the show’s writer Bob Teague tells Laughspin. “She did such a good job, in fact, that I’m currently writing another play with her in mind.”

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