Chelsea Lately regular Jen Kirkman lands script deal with FX

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Chelsea Lately regular Jen Kirkman has landed a script deal with FX for Jen, a half-hour comedy written by and — if picked up — starring the stand-up comedian. The show would be set in Boston and would center on a woman in her mid-30s who is newly divorced and doesn’t want kids. The semi-autobiographical project would be close in theme to Kirkman’s best-selling book I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales from a Happy Life Without Kids.

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Billy is a stand-up comedian in New York City. Every week he sits down with former lovers and special guests to talk about sex, dating, sexuality & gender on The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. Follow Billy on Twitter: @TheBillyProcida

  • fredrostarr

    I love how she has an obsession with not having kids, I didnt think people cared that much. It’s almost like someone proclaiming they are a lifelong virgin. Good luck, does everyone need to know?

    • Steven Kilpatrick

      Society loves to pepper people with bullshit about parenthood as the ultimate achievement, when it’s absolutely not. Bill Burr rightly rants about the notion of motherhood as the most difficult job on the planet–but the tacit reality is that fatherhood is ALSO not the most difficult job on the planet.

      That’s why people without GEDs have no problem ruining their children into adulthood, but struggle with the linear algebra that powers basic science.

      Grandparents, parents, TV shows, aging friends who are jealous that you get to stay out late at night–all these mother-fuckers hound married couples about when they’re going to get grandkids, great grandkids, play-toys for their slightly older kids et al.

      As a young woman, in this culture, and even more so historically, the notion of a woman choosing to avoid motherhood was no different than being useless. In some cultures, to this day, the sole function of a woman is obedience and motherhood–and with the GOP in the U.S. (I’m a Texan who gets to watch just how shitty these guys can be) certain political and moral groups are still doing their very best to demonize women who don’t want to be moms.

      So yeah, if everyone other fucking jackoff in the world can treat woman like baby incubators, and treat married couples like pending parents (and give them dirty looks when they say they’re not having kids), then I say it’s ok to talk about the choice to be a non-parent.

      Because it is a choice. It takes work to be a non-parent rather than someone who just doesn’t have kids yet. It means an activist diligence to avoid accidental kids as well as the ones people plan.

      As someone who’s said the words, “I’m never having kids,” only to have some condescending asshole say, “Oh, you’ll change your mind one day,” as if my choice is an anomaly that genetics will correct, and not a decision based on experience, logic, and deep consideration–well, yeah, I’d say it’s a pretty brave thing for any young person to say, “You’re not getting grandkids from this coupling,” but it’s especially brave for a woman–and I think young women who are still, in the United States, being taught daily that their function is to grow up and be a good, obedient, childbearing wife–they can use a voice that says: Fuck you, you’ve got other options, and it’s ok to talk about them.

      At least her choice is an honest, vulnerable one about herself. Your opinion was just snarky shit, and certainly nobody needs to hear that.

      • fredrostarr

        no it was referring to the fact that she seems to be obsessed with it to the point that i can’t remember her comedy outside of it. like i cant remember what jenny mccarthy did before she started hating on vaccines. it was hardly snarky, i honestly didnt think people cared that much.

        this is clearly a sensitive issue for you

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