Last Man Standing tackles the spanking issue (Exclusive preview)

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To spank or not to spank—that is the question on many parents’ minds in these ever-changing and progressive times. Back in the day, if parents didn’t smack their child every now and again (when he or she deserved it, of course) most parents judged them harshly. These days, it’s quite the opposite. There’s things like “behavior charts” and “time outs,” foreign and terrible concepts for a lot of American grandparents.

On tomorrow’s new episode of Tim Allen’s hit ABC series Last Man Standing, this generational dichotomy plays out when Boyd’s great-grandfather (guest star Robert Forster) gives the boy “one quick swat.” Check out this exclusive preview below to see how Mike (Tim Allen) and his wife (Nancy Travis) handles the situation with Boyd and his parents. And be sure to tune in to the full episode of Last Man Standing tomorrow, Dec. 6 at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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  • Kerwin

    This show seems to be more and more about liberal ideas and how conservatism is something of the past…I watched season one and loved it because it didn’t seem to have such a hard liberal message but lately the show just preaches at you. I’m fairly certain the outdoor man from season one would yell and scream at the outdoor man of season three calling him a giant sissy and telling him to man up!

  • kotleta

    to spank

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