Sponsored video: Play while you’re still young in a Mercedes-Benz

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There’s that theory that says if you’re cold, you should think about being warm and it will trick you body into warming itself up. As big snowstorms begin to hit the northeast, Mercedes-Benz tries to bring you back to a warmer time when you could just grab your buddies and surf board and find a glorious wave to ride. That’s what this video for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class reminds us to “live while we’re still young” as it goes on the road with pro surfers Mikey DeTemple, Lisa Myers, Tripoli Patterson and Lisa Ferrandino. When the weather’s right, it’s New York City to Montauk in just a few hours with the E-Class.

The E-Class doesn’t just transport you to a mindset where you can escape the cold of the winter. It also literally gets you out of the hustle and bustle of the city to a place where you can play openly and freely— and it gets you there in style. Never has a four-door hatchback looked like a luxury sedan. With leather interior and smooth riding capabilities, it’s the perfect work car you can play in on the weekends.

Whether you’re a surfer, a camper, or someone who needs to load the baseball equipment after the rec league championship, you want a car that looks classy and can handle the load. Kind of like the tuxedo t-shirt that says, “I’m bussiness, but I like to party, too!” Except way cooler. Live life while you still can, before greater responsibilities set in. While you live it, live it in a Mercedes-Benz, because it can handle the fun driving and the life responsibilities.

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