Comedians can get paid for their videos through LittleCast Comedy Contest

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Will your fans pay to download your videos? A new startup called LittleCast seems to think that the answer is “yes.”

For those of you who don’t remember: Louis C.K. gave that exact question a test drive back in 2011. The result? $1 Million in earnings – at just $5 a pop. Now, this brand new startup from the San Francisco Bay Area is challenging comedians all over the world to bring that model into the mainstream.

As of 12:00 Noon this past Monday, the LittleCast Comedy Contest officially went live and is readily awaiting submissions from comedians and funny people the world over. Envisioned as the solution for the highly talented but invariably starving artist; the platform allows performers to share and to sell their work directly on their social media.

But every contest needs a prize, right? So what does the gold metal look like in this case? Well, according to the terms of the contest, LittleCast will match the earnings of the first TEN videos to reach $1,000.

You can find the contest and all its juicy details right here: LittleCast Comedy Contest.

This is perhaps the single greatest opportunity for all independent creators out there, be they comics or otherwise. It’s a chance for comedians to connect directly with their fans and make a living doing what they love. That means no meddling execs and no compromises to your vision. You can finally release the work of art exactly as you imagined it – and get paid.

If you do join, remember to let the world know that #FunnyPays.

That’s something to get behind.

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