Lack of racial diversity on Saturday Night Live throughout the years (Infographic)

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On the eve of newest Saturday Night Live castmember Sasheer Zamata‘s debut tomorrow night, the fine folks at Huffington Post created this amazingly slick and very detailed infographic, which pretty much points out the lack of racial diversity on SNL throughout the years. In case you’re just waking from a weeks-long coma, Zamata (and two writers) are the first black females on staff of the iconic show in many, many years. We’re not sure if something like this graphic helps or hurts the problem, but it’s sure nice to look at.

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  • derpderp

    Stuff like this is really fuckin stupid. It basically implies that they should just shove some random ethnic character into the job just because of what they look like. That is really ignorant. You should never fill a position based solely on race- you should do it based on skill.
    Who gives a shit what they look like, it’s a comedy show- its being funny that counts. If they were blatantly blowing off people because they were ethnic- thats one thing. Deplorable; But if they have a choice between a black guy and a white guy, and this particular white guy happens to be funnier than this particular black guy- you hire the white guy. If its a hilarious hispanic guy- hire that fucker. If its a side splitting asian girl- sign that bitch up.
    If they are scouting talent and the only legitimately funny people they can find are white males- then they aren’t looking very well and need to have a wider search area and put more effort into looking- not just settling for mediocrity just because they happen to be ethnic and they have a quota to fill.

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