Keith and the Girl release The Ultimate Podcasting Guide (Review)

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Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 11.13.41 AMPodcasts are the blogs of 2014. Everyone and their mother’s hairdresser seem to have one and advertisers are scrambling to get their products a personalized plug by both big name stars and up-and-coming shows. The only thing that seems to stop most people from starting their own podcast is the question, “How?” Well there’s a new e-book out by veteran podcasters Keith Malley and Chemda (just “Chemda,” don’t question it) of the hit podcast Keith and The Girl. The Ultimate Podcasting Guide:  Start a podcast, grow your audience, and gain financial independence condenses over eight years of podcasting knowledge into a 114-page beginner’s guide to the newly popular (but not at all ‘new’) medium.

First off, the author’s credentials are stellar. Their show airs live Monday-Friday with fans interacting on their website’s message board (which boasts over 30,000 forum members), has over 50,000 subscribers and over one million monthly downloads, and has fans all over the country (some of whom have branded themselves KATG fans for life). They’ve recorded over 1,800 episodes. They hold an annual week-long “KATG Week” in New York City, where fans flock to attend live shows and hang-outs with their beloved hosts.

They make their living  from advertising on their show, selling merchandise on their website, podcasting marathons, and premium membership subscriptions. They are an inspiring picture of podcasting success

And you can achieve it, too! Or so their new book suggests. The manual takes readers through conceptualization, planning, tech suggestions, growing a fan base and how to eventually quit your job and live the life of a podcasting all-star. Each section is pretty in-depth, breaking up each chapter into focused sections that make cover seemingly all bases. The check lists that review what you’ve learned at the end of each chapter are extremely valuable for someone getting started. And the step-by-step lists and commentary for each point are partly what makes the Ultimate Podcasting Guide priceless.

Just to further showcase their business savvy, Keith and Chemda offer several packages. The basic “Podcaster Start-Up Package” goes for $39 on This gets you the full e-book, which you download as one PDF file, plus six tutorial videos. Their mid-level package gets you the PDF book (plus Kindle and ePub formats), 10 tutorial videos, example artwork, a sample media kit, and four expert interviews (both as an audio file and video file) with podcasting experts. It also includes my favorite feature: an invaluable 90-Day Launch plan that shows you what you should be doing week-by-week in preparation for your new podcast’s premiere. This will run you $99.

For the overly ambitious (or mega KATG fans), there is the holy-shit, knock-your-socks-off, hold-your-hats “Podcast Empire Package.” This package will get you everything: the book, both as PDF, Kindle, and ePub; the 90-Day Launch Plan (seriously, this part is so choice); the media kit; the artwork template; tips on setting up a guest packet; nine interview videos from podcasters, marketing experts, and a publicist; and sixteen tutorial videos with “everything you need to know from starting to monetizing.” Are you already starting to admire their marketing strategy? Enticed to get that “Podcast Empire Package?” Well then be ready to shell out $199 for this instructional tomb of wisdom!

They tell readers in the book, “We are 100% certain that if we had this guide when we first started, we would have quit our day jobs within six months of podcasting!” The text is sometimes surrounded by supporting quotes from Marc Maron and marketing guru Seth Godin, as well as other reputable professionals. Regardless of which package one decides to purchase, nothing is guaranteed. Purchasing this comprehensive guide to podcasting will not make your project a success, nor does it mean you should plan on quitting your day job any time soon. Success is a hard journey that requires dedication, talent, and a pinch of luck. Keith and Chemda’s Ultimate Podcasting Guide, however, will at least give you a really good map.

Keith and Chemda’s The Ultimate Podcasting Guide:  Start a podcast, grow your audience, and gain financial independence is available at

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  • Podd Socks

    i will use this information on my podd socks podcast

  • KATG Fan for life!

    Been listening to KATG for the longest time! If ANYONE has something to say on how to do it right, it’s them!

  • Steve J.

    I got the Empire package. You’re right: So much information, and laid out in a way that’s not overwhelming at all! I couldn’t be more excited.

  • RawDenimNigga

    uh, no thanks.

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