Sponsored video: Heineken shows real legendary men

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We all have that friend with an odd skill or talent. Maybe he’s a guy who can knit a scarf or that chick who juggles toasters. You might call them ‘eccentric.’ Heineken calls these people ‘legendary.’ There’s no reason an ordinary person like you or I have to look up at chiseled Hollywood actors when we can be our own extraordinary individuals in everyday life! That’s the message Heineken wants you to know in their latest ‘Legendary’ campaign. Instead of using a beautiful hunk of a man like David Beckham and using stunt doubles or talented body doubles, they cast 20 non-actors with amazing skills to better represent their lovely loyal drinkers.

The Odyssey Film, as it is titled, whisks you away to the coast of Spain on a cruise ship where everyone goes to relax and show off their wares to other passengers. Heineken’s “real men being real men” all showcase their individual talents as the same suave bearded long-haired gentleman. Recruited from an open call, these non-actors dive, salsa dance, slide down banisters, and get surprisingly low under a limbo pole. With his eclectic mix of skills, this guy could be your brother, your boss, or your drinking buddy. This guy could be you! With an international premium beer like Heineken, shuffling a bottle to the beautiful woman on deck is just as impressive as when you tap dance atop a patron’s table. However you impress those around you, whatever makes you legendary, Heineken wants you to know that legendary men require legendary beer.

Check out the video below!

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