10 Best Saturday Night Live presidential sketches for President’s Day (Videos)

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Compiled by Orli Matlow

Merry President’s Day! In honor of George’s Washington’s birthday, Laughspin has compiled the best Saturday Night Live presidential sketches. Though SNL is a longstanding American institution, it unfortunately wasn’t around in 1776 so we don’t have a sketch for the birthday boy.

10. Even though Gerald Ford jokes don’t resonate that much nowadays, it’s always thrilling to watch Chevy Chase yell the immortal phrase “Live from New York… It’s Saturday Night!”

9. “Folks, it’s good stuff!” Darrell Hammond nails it. No pun intended.

8. Here we have two of the greats together. “Greats” refers to Dana Carvey and Will Ferrell, not the Bushes, of course.

7. This one is as funny as it is sad. Oh, what could have been!

6. Presidential debates are an SNL staple. It’s particularly funny to watch Dana Carvey pull double-duty as both Bush and Perot.

5. Secret Service agent: “Please, don’t tell Mrs. Clinton [about the trip to McDonald’s]. “Bill Clinton: “Jim, let me tell you something. There’s a gonna be a whole bunch of things we don’t tell Mrs. Clinton.” This sketch aired in 1992 and hmm.. a little foreshadowing? Perhaps SNL can actually see the future!

4. Next we have Will Ferrell as Dubya addressing Bin Laden. Ferrell not only provided an impression but also an interpretation, turning Bush II into a lovable loon.

3. Fred Armisen as Obama as Bill Cosby. Bibbity- boopity- Brilliant.

2. While Hillary still has yet to become president (soon.), we’re still counting this iconic Tina-Amy moment as Presidential.

1. “President Reagan Mastermind” is arguably one of the best SNL sketches of all time. Lorne Michaels described Reagan as a tough nut to crack: “He was an actor, and the public already knew that, and they voted for him anyway. We couldn’t find a way in….until Jim Downey and Al Franken figured out that mastermind sketch.”

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