Seth Rogen testifies at Congressional subcommittee hearing (Video)

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Some of you might have been on Twitter and wondered, “Why is Seth Rogen on C-SPAN?” Well, here’s your answer: The This Is The End star testified in Congress on Wednesday afternoon at a Senate appropriations subcommittee hearing called, “Taking a Toll on Families and the Economy: The Rising Cost of Alzheimer’s in America.” He began his testimony by answering the question most people were likely thinking: “Yes, I’m aware that this has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana.”

The purpose of the hearing was to determine if the government should give additional funding for Alzheimer’s disease research in an upcoming budget bill. The comedian’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with the degenerative disease at the age of 55. In 2011, he founded Hilarity for Charity, a comedy night/party fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association. Their third annual event is scheduled for April in New York City. You can watch “Mr. Rogen’s” articulate, informative Congressional testimony (peppered with punch lines) below.

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  • zahzee

    Adolescent [Aaack!] Rogen & gazillions of other phony actors know folks w/dementia/Alzheimer’s but don’t believe It’s All About Them & publicly bitch about it…instead of working to cure it [we marched for decades for civil & women’s rights w/o Hillbillary~~Alzheimer’s not an issue that gets cured w/5 mins of an actor’s testimony]. Shut up, Rogen…dedicate yr million$ for decades since you can’t act & need a face transplant. Don’t pretend you care~~which is why only 2 Senators stayed to hear yr counterfeit crap ‘cuz others smelled yer a sham [You know some1 w/Alzheimer’s~~who doesn’t?] to garner free publicity. & you got busted for your greed. Jewish, eh?

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