With Stick of Truth, Matt Stone reflects on South Park early years: It would play on Nickelodeon now

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Seventeen years after the season one premiere of South Park on Comedy Central, the once-humble animated series has turned into one of the largest comedy franchises of all time. Its creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have gone on to produce movies, a Broadway hit (Book of Mormon) and now a massively anticipated roll-playing video game. South Park: The Stick of Truth came out yesterday for for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and the reviews have been all but perfect. But to get those sparkling reviews, Parker and Stone took their sweet-ass time bringing The Stick of Truth to market.

“We like video games and it’s one of those things that matters to us,” Stone tells The Guardian. “Doing a big show there are a lot of licensed products that you have to live with that aren’t your favourites, like T-shirts and stuff; that’s the deal with the devil. But when it’s a real thing like a video game, it’s different. It was the disappointment with the older ones that made us think, OK, if we ever do it again, we have to do it right.”

Stone also recently spent time comparing the climate of comedy back in 1997 to now. “You go back and watch the first season of South Park and it’s pretty slow and not the best written and junky-looking, but it would almost play on Nickelodeon at this point,” he says, adding, “It’s hilarious, people would probably show it to younger kids now. I think things have loosened up and, generally, I think that’s pretty good. It’s a lot of the reason why television has become so dominant right now.”

Spoiler alert: Check out the video below, which, according to IGN, shows the 15 grossest and/or funniest moments of the game:

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