Sponsored video: Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson’s Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL in Death Valley

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Hollywood actors Diane Kruger and Dawson’s Creek’s Joshua Jackson set across in an energy-efficient electric car through the Death Valley desert with no personal assistants or sushi. No, this isn’t the premise of yet another I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here-style reality show. Kruger and Jackson agreed to a challenge by Mercedes-Benz to show the capabilities of its new B-Class F-CELL car. The kicker? The only water the celebrity couple could use on the trip was from their Mercedes’ exhaust. Yes, you read correctly. The car creates water!

The Mercedes B-Class F-CELL runs on a hydrogen fuel cell, an electric motor. The car’s battery, which takes less than three minutes to fully charge, can drive for around 250 miles (400 kilometers). Because of some sort of scientific mumbo-jumbo, the hydrogen’s byproduct is H2O— pure water! Normally, huffing your exhaust pipe would kill you, but with a special contraption tank hooked up to the back of the car, the Fringe star and his girlfriend of nearly 8 years could traverse a desert surviving on their Mercedes’s emissions alone (and some camping equipment and portable stove-cooked food)!

The two day trip, filmed by folks probably carrying their own store-bought water bottles, took Kruger and Johnson through California’s Death Valley in 120 degree weather. They drive, they pitch a tent, they make camp, and they drink their car’s emissions. Maybe the short film below will serve as an audition reel for either of the actors in case they’re up for a post-apocalyptic movie role. One of the fun moments in the video is watching the two flip a coin to determine who is going to try the water first. Now, the couple have actually driven their own Mercedes B-Class F-CELL car for over two years, but I doubt they ever thought that they would one day be able to drink from it!

Watch Diane Kruger and Joshua Johnson in the short film from Mercedes-Benz, Defying Death Valley!

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