Dave Chappelle proves you could be buff and still love smoking (Photo)

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Everyone knows Dave Chappelle is hilarious, but a weight lifter? Seems so. The popular comedian, 40, was spotted in Los Angeles earlier this week sporting a significantly bigger build and huge biceps. Perhaps gearing up for his summer performance at Radio City Music Hall in New York? Or maybe buffing up for a new role. Fear not though Chappelle fans, he still seems to love smoking cigarettes despite the new look. We pity the next crowd that heckles Chappelle. In July of last year, Chappelle was scheduled to perform one show at Montreal’s Just For Laughs comedy festival. Since tickets were sold out in mere minutes, nine additional Chappelle shows were added; the veteran performer sold them all out. By the end of Chappelle’s run, he sold 14,221 tickets, breaking Just For Laugh’s 31-year-old record for most tickets sold during the festival.

Dave Chappelle is buff but still smokes

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John Markowitz

John Markowitz is an avid laugher and recreational eater from Richmond, Virginia. He loves comedy, especially Roseanne Barr. He can be reached at john.c.markowitz@gmail.com or @JohnMarkowitz.

  • soupherman

    In a time when artists with a large enough following can self-publish their works and see significant returns, I find it weird how Dave Chappelle hasn’t done anything but impromptu live stand-up and some festivals over the past few years.

    • Chaz Mathis

      Dave isn’t your average Hollywood guy. He’s satisfied with where he is

      • https://soundcloud.com/soup_herman soup, herman?

        I don’t know the guy, but he wouldn’t be in comedy if he didn’t aspire to make money and be acclaimed among his peers. Maybe he is satisfied. But my point was, he doesn’t need to sacrifice creative control in exchange for financial backing and distribution. He can do it all, on his own terms. So why wouldn’t he?

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