John Oliver on Miss America Nina Davuluri, tells Matt Lauer high school students need to ‘stop asking out supermodels’ (Video)

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Miss America Nina DavuluriJohn Oliver announced his decision to leave The Daily Show with Jon Stewart five months ago, and ever since fans of the British comedian have been wondering if the move to his own HBO series Last Week Tonight would be a smart one. Well, this Sunday at 11 pm ET, Last Week Tonight premieres on HBO and we shall have an answer. Oliver visited Matt Lauer at the Today show this morning to chat a bit about his post Daily Show career, taking time to poke fun at himself after seeing his first ever billboard. “It’s horrible. That is not the face that benefits from being inflated to billboard size,” Oliver told Lauer.

Oliver also explained to Lauer what the difference between The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight is. “I think we might look more internationally. We might look slightly deeper because we have the burden of more time,” Oliver says, adding, “I’m used to the grind of doing things very quickly, working at ‘The Daily Show,’ so I’m hoping it’s going to be a good thing, not a terrible thing having more time,” Oliver told Lauer. “I’m excited and terrified. I’m the appropriate amount of terrified and excited.” Anyone who watched Oliver host The Daily Show last summer when Jon Stewart was overseas directing his first movie knows that Oliver has nothing to be terrified about. The dude is a force and an excellent host.

Lauer couldn’t help but to ask Oliver’s position on Patrick Farves, the 18-year-old Central York High School senior from Pennsylvania, who asked Miss America Nina Davuluri to prom. His school suspended him for three days for disrupting school activities. Davuluri asked the high school to reconsider punishing Farves. She couldn’t make the prom anyway, due to her travel schedule and because, she most likely didn’t want to spend an incredibly awkward five hours with a complete stranger dancing around people seven years younger than her.

“High school boys have to stop asking out supermodels on camera, and crucially, supermodels have to stop saying yes,” Oliver says. “You need to say ‘no, because you’re a child, and even if you were older, you are physically repellant to me.’ You just need to burn one child to send a message. This has to stop. One kid has to go down emotionally for everyone else to be able to continue normally.”

Check out Matt Lauer’s interview with John Oliver below!

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