Austin Comedian Kat Ramzinski brutally attacked, will still perform at Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival

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Kat Ramzinski brutally beatenEaster night is generally reserved for eating crappy chocolate-shaped bunnies and making sexual ‘He Is Risen’ puns– but this was not the case for Austin, Texas comic, Kat Ramzinski who was brutally attacked while walking home on April 20. Ramzinski says a silver minivan crept up on her while she was walking in her neighborhood, when three men and one woman jumped out, punched her, cut her hands with a knife and stole her purse. Thankfully a neighbor heard the commotion and came to Ramzinski’s aid as the assailants fled the scene. Police think the attack was affiliated with a local gang initiation.

With facial surgery potentially scheduled for later this week, Ramzinski is not letting her busted mug prevent her from performing at the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival tonight. That is one of the (many) peculiar things about comedy: it can be the most horrific life experiences that end up becoming the best stage material. Sure, she’ll be performing next to venues housing the likes of Hannibal Buress, Fred Armisen and Mike Birbiglia, but Ramzinski is guaranteed to stand out with a black eye, some bad ass street cred, and the fact that she’ll be passing out mace to her female audience members. The mace is being supplied by the Resist Attack Foundation. They aren’t the only ones who have rallied to help Ramzinski; local comics moved quickly to organize a comedy benefit, raffle and online crowdfunding page to help with her medical bills (which are currently estimated to be between $20k-$50k).

Here’s the thing with comics: we don’t know how to handle difficult situations. If you get a divorce, we’ll make you a Tinder profile featuring your sexual fascination with balloons. Jokes are comedians’ emotional currency. The best we can do when a friend and peer in comedy is met with a very real, and frightening situation is to raise money and get on stage to make fun of them, in the hopes that they can laugh along with us. Making light of her misfortune is, luckily, one of Ramzinski’s strong points. As she said on her Facebook page a few days after the attack, “… if that was a “gang initiation” like we suspect….does that mean I’m finally IN A GANG NOW?!?!!??! YAHHH!!!! I DID IT MOM!!!!!! #blessed.”

See Ramzinski perform tonight, April 23, at the Parrish Underground at 10 pm as a part of the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival, which will run through April 26 in Austin, TX. Ramzinski spoke to KVUE News, an Austin ABC affiliate, about the attack. You can watch the video below.

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