Rape joke culture explored by comedian J-L Cauvin at Rape Joke Survivors Group Therapy (Video)

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J-L Cauvin explores rape jokesComedian, prolific original video producer and self-proclaimed bridge burner J-L Cauvin has unleashed his latest project on YouTube— this time addressing the always hot-button issue of rape jokes. Set in a Rape Joke Survivors Group Therapy session, Cauvin plays the quiet Karl and lets the rest of the cast lead us through a satirical look at the effects of hearing a comedian tell rape jokes.

Dr Singh (Aalap Patel) joins the rape joke group in this session, stoically explaining, “I’ve spent 10 years in the Congo reconstructing rape victims but finally, in this room, I get to do some real good.” Cauvin’s script makes references to real-life, dropping quick jabs at feminist site Jezebel – who has written somewhat extensively about rape joke culture – and Huffington Post Women as well as citing the Daniel Tosh Rape Joke Incident of 2012.

At one point in Cauvin’s video, rape joke group member Jennifer (Camille Theobald) opens up about her rape joke experience. I never thought this would happen to me,” Jennifer begins. “I liked going to comedy shows with my friends— until one night a comedian was talking about prison… and guys getting railed by big black dicks… it was hilarious edgy comedy and he looked at me. And he said, ‘I bet you need to get raped by a big black dick. And then he started laughing and pantomiming, ejaculating on me.”

You can watch the full video below. Let us know in the comments section what you think. Has Cauvin made his point? Does this help or hinder the rape joke discussion. Let us know!

Check out Cauvin’s other videos, including his series Louis C.K.’s Comedy Academy — at his official YouTube channel.

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