Jared Fogle Dead Or Alive? #RIPSubwayJared Trend Is Death Hoax, So Celebrate By Watching South Park Spoof Subway Spokesman (VIDEO)

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Is Subway spokesman Jared Fogle dead? Rumors have gone viral after the hashtag #RIPSubwayJared trended on Twitter Monday afternoon.

Thankfully, it appears Jared Fogle is another victim of a celebrity death hoax. Gossip Cop confirmed that Subway Jared is indeed still alive.

Jared Fogle

Jared Fogle became famous after losing 245 pounds by primarily eating Subway sandwiches. He has since appeared in several commercials for the chain and currently runs The Jared Foundation, which fights childhood obesity.

Several months before this Jared Fogle death hoax went viral, the Subway pitchman appeared on the CNN special Losing It: America’s Fat Obsession. He even brought along his signature pants that showed how large he was before he lost the weight.

“But it’s a good reminder for me, obviously, you know, people are always fascinated to see the pants,” Jared Fogle said before #RIPSubwayJared trended on Twitter. “It’s a great visual aid. And especially when I’m talking to kids. “You know, I speak to children all over the country and, actually, all over the world now, about my story, the fact that they know me really well from TV then really try to have a good message for them about the mistakes that I made.”

Before this Jared Fogle death hoax went viral, the Subway star also became famous when the Comedy Central series South Park made fun of him during the Season 6 episode, “Jared Has Aides.” As the title implies, the episode featured the boys falsely concluding that the spokesman would die of AIDS. The episode was later banned from the network because of a subplot that involved the overweight Butters getting abused by his parents.

The South Park episode, although typical tasteless humor that it is, it was very flattering to see that they took a complete half hour talking about me,” Jared Fogle said in 2003. You know you’ve made it when shows like South Park start parodying you.”

Watch South Park spoof Subway Jared in the video below.

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