Sponsored Video: Burger King’s Subservient Chicken returns as Chicken Big King

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Burger unleashes a new hilarious campaignThe bigger they come, the harder they fall. You probably remember ten years ago one of the most popular Safe For Work webcam performers in the game, a man in a chicken suit eager to fulfill your every request. Burger King‘s Subservient Chicken moonwalked on command, laid an egg at your will and headbanged at the viewer’s behest. The man in the chicken suit would do pretty much anything to get you excited for Burger King’s Tender Crisps!

Then one day, the campaign was over and Subservient Chicken had no one left to serve and no where else to go. He was washed up, addicted to being a “Yes Chicken,” doing anything for free in the pursuit of another altruistic fix. The falling star was on a downward spiral towards a rock bottom where there are no crispy chicken tenders or juicy Whoppers. Then one day, an angel (or a retired boxing coach, they look a lot alike) found Subservient Chicken and takes him in to teach him the power of “Yes” and “No.” A decade later, Subservient Chicken is reborn as Chicken Big King. His renewed celebrity coincides with the release of Burger King’s tasty new sandwich, the Chicken Big King sandwich. Now the Burger King mascot is kicking butt— on his own accord. Buff, confident and determined, the new Chicken Big King persona tells you to “Be Your Way” as he promotes the hot new sandwich in his own way, which apparently involves wrap music and former NBA all-stars.

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