NBC cancels ‘Community’ but Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Yahoo! or Crackle could give it life

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Community, the cult favorite comedy loved by the country’s biggest comedy nerds, has been canceled by NBC after five seasons. Despite the return of series creator and original executive producer Dan Harmon, after being replaced in season four, ratings never did improve in any meaningful way. And unfortunately, NBC, like every other television network, needs ratings to sell ads against and to make some money.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a world-class television analyst to make the following prediction: Community will be picked up by any of the incredibly comedy-forward streaming or Video On Demand services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Yahoo! Screen or, as one Laughspin Twitter follower suggests, Crackle, owned by Sony Television, which also owns Community. Castmember Ken Jeong just tweeted out his thanks to the cast for allowing him to flourish under the Community banner.

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  • Betty Daren

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  • Hansen Harlley

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  • Hunter Boyette

    It probably won’t be picked up. Reporting that it probably will when so many reputable sources haven’t mentioned it is unprofessional on your part.

    • Hunter Boyette

      That wasn’t fair. I’m angry and I took it out on Laughspin. Not cool.

      • dylan

        haha… we’re not saying it’s going to get picked up. we’re predicting that a streaming service will pick it up. we use the word “prediction.” if we’re wrong, we’re wrong. but we believe it’ll get second life elsewhere.

        • CruzLovesMovies

          I really, really, really, really hope you’re right. I’ve never been this depressed about the fate of a show before. McKenna and the cast seem to be saying goodbye to each other, though.

        • Hunter Boyette

          My bad. I thought about deleting my earlier post but ended up thinking it would be a cop-out. I hope you’re right though.

        • CruzLovesMovies

          Are you hearing any buzz about it, Dylan?

    • CruzLovesMovies

      Cynthia from Variety is a major TV insider, and she’s saying Sony is actively shopping it around and she thinks it will get picked up.

      • taoisms

        Let’s hope so… I’ll get any service to have this show…

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