Sex and the City writers developing Showtime comedy about Orthodox Jewish comedian

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Julie-Rottenberg-&-Elisa-Zuritsky.jpgShowtime is developing a new half-hour comedy series called Yank about a young man who ventures out of his ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to pursue his dream of becoming a comedian. Yank comes from Sex and the City writers Elisa Zuritsky and Julie Rottenberg. Ugly Betty‘s Richard Shepard is set to direct. The two served as writers and producers on episodes of HBO’s Sex and the City over several years. Interestingly, a show about someone becoming a stand-up comedian is for once not being pitched by a comedian. Seinfeld, Louie, Maron and others were all semi-autobiographical comedies about their lives as comics. Having outsiders create their perspective on the comedy world could prove to be brilliant or off-the-mark.

But it fits the aura of the show, “the idea of being a foreigner in your own city.” Zuritsky and Rottenberg hope to highlight the double life the young man lives while trying to live in both worlds. “We’ve always been fascinated by the question of how our families’ expectations have and haven’t shaped our lives,” said Rottenberg. “We realized that this is the most extreme version of a family sending a very clear signal of exactly who you’re supposed to be. But what happens if you have your own plans?”

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