Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Wedding Trolled By New York Post! Read Tabloid’s Hilarious Announcement Of Kimye Nuptials (PHOTOS)

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As a major media outlet in New York City, the Post likely feels obligated to cover the events that everyone is talking about. Even if that event is the wedding of “celebrity” Kim Kardashian and her  obnoxious rapper fiancé, Kanye West. But instead of obsessing over Kardashian’s gown or the event’s guest list, the editors at the Post  wrote up the Kimye wedding in the best way possible.

Kim KardashianThe 55-word article on the Kim Kardashian Kanye West wedding, titled, “ALERT (yawn): Kimye weds,” read as follows:

“Two jackasses got married in Italy Saturday.

Sex-tape star Kim Kardashian, 33, wed egotist Kanye West, 36, in a wedding opulent enough for Florence’s Medici dynasty and tacky enough for reality TV.

They were betrothed at Florence’s 16th-century Fort di Belvedere castle. Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner walked Kim down the aisle.

The republic still stands.”

And here is the visual evidence of the New York Post’s Kimye story:

And this article on the Kimye wedding was not the only time the New York Post trolled the lovers this week.  On Wednesday, one writer posted a satirical toast to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

“You guys have everything a couple needs to keep a marriage strong,” the column read. “You have love and class and talent and, above all, high name recognition among the coveted 18-24 demographic.”

But while those at the print edition of the New York Post clearly wanted nothing to do with the Kimye wedding story, those working for the paper’s website covered the event in more detail. Per Gothamist, the Post website featured three separate stories about the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West wedding in a 24-hour span. There was a general article about the wedding, a story about Jay Z and Beyonce skipping the nuptials, and the sad tale of Rob Kardashian leaving the event early after arguing about his weight with Kim.

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  • DrewP

    I laughed! I can only imagine the gasket these two idiots are going to blow when they see this. Kanye: “Ima fuck dem mothafuckas up! I AM GOD! I AM MOTHAFUCKIN GOD! They best respect!” Kim: “*in confessional room* “So this post in the New York Post said something so disgusting about me and Kanye. Like…OH MY GAWWWD…where are my lawers? Where are the cameras? Where is my mom so she can exaggerate this beyond epic proporations and make bank off of it?”

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