Maymo Dog Video Hilarious! Lemon Beagle Receives 100 Balls For Birthday, Reacts Appropriately (VIDEO)

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We all know how much dogs love playing with balls. So we weren’t surprised when an adorable  lemon beagle named Maymo completely flipped out after receiving 100 plastic balls for his birthday. Video of the pooch’s reaction has quickly gone viral, receiving nearly one million views in a week.

Maymo 2

“Maymo’s people decide to give him the best birthday surprise ever by dropping over 100 balls into the middle of the dining room floor for him alone to play with,” the YouTube description reads. “It doesn’t take long for this cute dog to pounce on his gifts, running wildly through the sea of balls with reckless abandon, until he tires himself out from all the excitement, falling fast asleep next to his sister Penny on the carpet.”

The video begins with Maymo happily chasing a few balls across the floor. Then he runs in terror as a hundred balls pour onto the floor all at once. But eventually he returns to enjoy his gift, running around the house in excitement before finally settling on a blue ball to chew on. By the end of the day, he is so tired out from chasing 100 balls that he lays on the rug to go to sleep.

Watch Maymo the dog’s reaction to receiving 100 balls below.

Maymo is used to all of this attention, even before his 100 balls reaction video went viral. The pooch is an Internet celebrity with more than 46,000 YouTube followers. He even has his own Twitter page.

If you enjoyed this Maymo balls video, you will enjoy some of his other greatest hits. Watch Maymo the dog geniously steal some cabbage from the middle of a table and adorably receive a paw massage from a robot spider. And this video of Maymo pushing his sister Penny to the park in a shopping cart received more than a million views last year. But our personal favorite shows Maymo destroying one of those pesky Furby dolls in a way we only wish we could.

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