Anthony Cumia Fired … Why Racist Twitter Rant Led To Firing From ‘Opie And Anthony’ SiriusXM Show

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Anthony Cumia

Anthony Cumia, one half of the radio duo Opie & Anthony, was fired on Friday following what many are describing as a shocking racist Twitter rant.

The rant came after Cumia was allegedly attacked by an African-American woman in Times Square.

“SiriusXM has terminated its relationship with Anthony Cumia of the Opie & Anthony channel,” said Patrick Reilly, the Senior Vice President of Communications for SiriusXM.”The decision was made, and Cumia informed, late Thursday, July 3 after careful consideration of his racially-charged and hate-filled remarks on social media. Those remarks and postings are abhorrent to SiriusXM, and his behavior is wholly inconsistent with what SiriusXM represents.”

Anthony Cumia confirmed the firing news on his Twitter page Friday morning. And needless to say, the radio jock was not happy about it.

The rant that led to Anthony Cumia’s stunning firing took place early Wednesday, hours after the host was allegedly assaulted in Times Square. Cumia then went on a Twitter tirade full of racist and sexist remarks. You can view the (very NSFW) rant below.

While it is easy to understand how this racist rant got Anthony Cumia fired, this was not the first time the shock jock has made controversial remarks. In fact, Cumia has made so many racist comments during the “Opie and Anthony” show that we are surprised he wasn’t fired before. Per Jezebel, he once accused the  media of “coddling” African-Americans.

“The press will coddle black people,” Anthony Cumia said during once “Opie & Anthony” rant. “It’s unbelievable the extent the press will go to to try not to offend and try this inclusion. The f–ked up thing is people were getting upset that so many black people were being portrayed as criminals on the news. That’s it. And sorry, there’s a large percentage—it’s disproportionate to the population of this country of black people committing crimes.”

And way before Anthony Cumia’s firing, he supposedly yelled at African-American callers who disagreed with his views.

“You’re not gonna get 100% of whitey to kiss your fucking ass with their guilt,” Anthony Cumia supposedly told one caller. “F–k you and f–k your mother! I’m a text book guy. I’ve been a text book guy my whole life. I use facts!”

Listen to another racist rant from Anthony Cumia below.

Still, this history of racism has not stopped some from supporting Anthony Cumia after his firing. Colin Quinn, a frequent guest of “Opie and Anthony,” used a famous quote from Voltaire to defend his friend’s behavior.

Colin Quinn then sent out the below tweet when the firing became official.

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  • Lord Osiris

    When you’re that popular, man, you gotta be careful on social media.

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  • Marcos Diaz

    Most white people persecuting him for his comments are the same people that would cross the street if they saw a black dude walking towards them.

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  • idovbnc .

    You can say free speech all you want but in a court of a law Sirius would show their bottom line would be affected by the backlash and he would lose. As a celebrity you really don’t have complete free speech, not if you want to remain employed.

  • darcal

    What’s not said is the fact that I’m sure he was also being a d*@k in how he handled the situation and spoke to her, thus escalating the situation. Pretty sure she didn’t just randomly come up to him and start swinging away.

  • Wild Bill

    The whole thing is and what O&A have preached forever is; words are words and so if you don’t like what some is saying you have the right to ignore them but as a human being you have the right to say what ever you want and you shouldn’t be fired from your job because of it. That’s not the case in any job or any part of our society any more, but according to the 1st amendment right that’s how things are supposed to be. I’m not saying what he said was necessary, but he should have the right to say it with out having to lose his job, and it’s not just Ant the company I work for has used what people have said on twitter and face book to fire them, everyone should just delete their accounts and boycott face book and twitter, because now all these social medias are being used against us and I we should just seperate ourselves from them, that would be the smart thing, but it’ll only get worse from here.

  • Whatitdoafter215

    Here is the point that most people are missing…just because you have the freedom to say what you want does not mean that everyone has to accept your beliefs, including your employer. Your employer can then say, I don’t like or agree with what you said, therefore I am making the decision to let you go. It could also be that some of those “higher ups” within his employer are of the same race he chose to generalize and call animals, savages, etc.

  • Davillus Hynzerelli

    In this insane PC world if a racist she-boon attacks u for no reason & you’re a celebrity don’t refer to her being a savage silverback or it’s your @ss.

  • FreeBigWillie

    I guess in his mind, you’re allowed to engage in stalking behavior and take pictures of women’s rear ends and generally behave in a manner, which violates their privacy and dignity. You noticed that he did not call the police and file a complaint against the woman. Instead he goes to social media to make his claims and garner support from his listeners and followers. He knew quite well that he was engaged in inappropriate behavior and did not have a leg to stand on. The woman would probably have given a totally different story and described him as a pervert who was stalking her.

  • Highestof7

    It seems as it he took a picture of someone who didn’t want to participate. He violated her privacy and more than likely had some ugly ass intent in taking the picture. He was not an innocent victim here. He just went on Twitter claiming innocence. But if you carefully read his drivel, his actions become clear as day. She defended herself against the indefensible.

    • Highestof7

      So, I’m taking pix in NYC & a black girl who was in frame punched me in the face.

      Did he ask her permission to take her picture?

  • Johnny Dangerously

    Anthony sucks, and I am surprised it tool this long for someone to attack him. That being said, there is certainly a double standard when it comes to what is deemed as “racist” in this country.

    • Obsidian71

      Likely because the very definition of “Racism” varies widely amongst people.

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  • Opie Cumia

    really laughspin?

  • JJ

    And how is any of this a fireable offense??? Here is an event that happens off air and Anthony is allowed to used his freedom of speech even on Twitter. If someone is offended that’s too bad. I thought that Sirius was some cutting edge organization ….bullshit !! This is one of the only real raw shows on radio. There was no violation here……just more corporate cowardice. You bitches!!!!

  • DamnableLies

    “There’s a deep seeded problem with violence in the black community. Try to address it and you’ll be exiled to racistville.”…this was the real reason, how dare he call for accountability.

    • Obsidian71

      We need solutions not accountability. Looking for accountability is like a dog chasing its own tail.

  • Oslo

    Easy to see why he was fired? He described the situation. The people acted like animals. He didn’t say the acted like animals because they were black.

  • shpongl3

    Blacks are entirely capable of being savage pig-like animals, like any other member of the human race. To suggest otherwise would be discriminatory. The fact that so many people take Cumia’a statements about a violent type of person out of context and apply it to an entire race shows where the true racism lies.

    • mistercrispy

      Ah yes, the old “the ones pointing out the racism are the REAL racists.” That one’s a classic.

  • bilw653

    have people just lost all common sense now? It’s easy to judge when you haven’t dealt with the after effects of being physically assaulted before. What would be the “correct” fucking twitter response after being pummeled 5 or 6 times?

    His tweets reflect that he is understandably still shaken up, his body is still in fight-mode. Words don’t necessarily mean anything when engaged in a fight because their ‘verbal jabs’ designed to hurt and to neutralize the opponent, because that’s how she made him feel. It’s also an individual coping mechanism, which can last days/weeks after.

    • mistercrispy

      Nonsense. He admitted at no time did he feel his life was in danger; if he was really hurt, he should have gone to the hospital. He then didn’t call the cops, which makes his whole story suspect. He can claim “they wouldn’t have done anything” all day long until he’s blue in the face–of course he can, because he didn’t call, so we’ll never know what “might” have happened. But calling the cops corroborates his story; it corroborates that HE was a victim, even if the police ended up not charging the woman. There’s no reason not to call the cops–beliefs or not–unless he too was doing something suspect. Anthony Cumia is a public figure; he is a minor celebrity. This means that his actions and words are under scrutiny; it also means that the company he works for has a vested interest in his actions and statements outside his workplace, and likely has a stipulation regarding this in the contract he signed. This means that his words outside of his job matter. When one is assaulted, it does not naturally follow that one then can impugn the entire race that the assaulter happens to be without consequence. There were hundreds of different ways to respond to being hit by a woman whose picture you were taking; going online and making racist comments about black people is just one. None of Anthony’s story adds up; there’s far more to this than what he’s telling us.

  • bezane

    Racist or not, it’s easy to see why an employer would want to distance themselves from his statements and should be their right.

    • Police

      We are talking about an employer that has broadcast his racist statements on a regular basis. Your logic is unfounded.

      • bezane

        Ever hear of enough is enough? I’m not saying Anthony said anything racist. And logic doesn’t apply to this as an abstract. It’s simply their right to bounce him. And your right to not listen to their products. Employment often comes with strings attached.

  • slim pickens

    Hes right.White guilt crime and all.The white man has been denuded.You stick up for what you know is right and some little p.c. pantywaste takes your job

  • boeing46

    He should have taken down the angry tweets and said sorry he was just angry because he was beat. It doesn’t work like that in this pc world. Actually he didn’t break any laws and she did. He gets fired and she walks away.

    • mistercrispy

      But see, Opie & Anthony are part of the “no apologies” crowd who ridicule public figures on their show for apologizing for their idiocy. They smirk and insult people who dare display even a smidgeon of humanity; they disdain anyone who grows or learns from their mistakes. They are awful people making a living being awful.

      • Anthony Wayne Walker

        Yep, these two morons are a real prize. Now imagine what their fans are like?

  • Anthony Wayne Walker

    cumia will be on hannity’s show and both will be crying about how cumia’s First Amendment rights were violated and how Obama was behind his firing.

    • mistercrispy

      The “we are the real victims” rants of people like Cumia are the epitome of projection. It is the insecurity born of being called out on one’s racist statements and resisting growth within oneself. If one is unwilling to admit one is a racist and change that behavior, then the only other way to rationalize racist thoughts is to claim the OTHER person is the REAL racist.

      • Lynnie Penny

        GO ON GIRL… I mean boy… WHAT did you say you are?? DOESN’T MATTER. YOU JUST PREACH! hahahahah

  • Silverfiddle

    You can be as vulgar as you wanna be, but be sure you’re in a group approved to make those comments, and your PC Pass better be validated and up to date.

    I’ve always thought the guy was despicable, but even worse is how some people get by with saying the vilest things or trash talking approved targets. Go off the PC camp and the PC police will machine gun you in the back.

    • mistercrispy

      Complaining about PC is so 90’s. It’s what racist white people do when they are called out for being racist. “I mean, you can’t get away with calling an entire race ‘savage violent animal fucks’ without the PC Police ruining your life!” LOL

      • Silverfiddle

        And screaming racist at everyone who disagrees with you is brainless

        • mistercrispy

          Yes, screaming racism when blatantly racist things were said. How uncouth.

          • Silverfiddle

            As long as you scream at every offender regardless of camp or skin color.

          • mistercrispy

            Let me guess, your definition of racism includes the term “cracker.”

          • Silverfiddle

            I don’t use offensive names and hurl them at others, and as for people calling me names? Sticks and stones…

            But, if people are going to get bent out of shape over name-calling and denigration of others, they need to be consistent.

  • Brandon Melvin

    Probably should take those Colin tweets out Anthony retweeted them for a reason…

  • ewwwwwwwwwww

    Taking a lot out of context. When anthony says ‘animals’ and ‘savages’ he is referring to violent gang culture and the like- something that is a legitimate issue and way too disproportionate in its numbers. He treats black people with utmost courtesy. It’s like Chris Rocks famous ‘nigga’ bit.
    Anthony also posted the photo’s he took and the ones with the overreacting psycho in them were fine. Pictures of New York at night with women in the middle ground. Nothing wrong with that.

    People who agree with decisions like this are ruining the entertainment industry. Even if you hate somebody they should never be fired for something said online or in a conversation away from their work. It’s censorship and thought policing and it is disgusting.
    You can’t even trash a heckler in a comedy club in some places without risk of being arrested. If everybody just keeps trying to get rid of stuff they don’t like then eventually we will have nothing left.

    • mistercrispy

      Out of context? He was talking about black people. THAT IS THE CONTEXT. Even if we were to go with your revisionism, and he’s talking about ‘gang culture': he means BLACK gang culture. He’s ain’t talking about white people.

      “It’s like Chris Rock’s famous ‘nigga’ bit.” Except Chris Rock is a talented social satirist and comedian, while Cumia is a mindless radio shock jock who ignorantly rambles for a few hours a day on subjects he’s supremely unqualified to discuss.

      Also, what comedians are getting arrested in comedy clubs for trashing hecklers? Surely that would have made the news.

      If everyone can say anything without fear of getting fired by the company who employs, them, I hope the next time you go to Burger King the cashier tells you to go “f*** yourself”. I’m sure you’ll give them the thumbs up and congratulate them for their “hilarious” commentary.

      • ewwwwwwwwwww

        1. yes because their are so many white gang members and white inner city teenagers who go around wilding, playing the knockout game, doing drive bys, and beating the shit out of somebody fo ‘disrespectin’ them.

        2. It’s exactly the same. Chris knows the difference between black people and niggas and uses examples. Anthony made the same comparison except he used the word animals- and since he’s white it must automatically be racist.

        3. Arrested was a poor choice of words. My mistake- I should have said, removed and then fined or sued.

        4. That is a horrid irrelevant example. A ‘dirty’ entertainer making angry remarks online where you have to specifically search him out, about events in their life that have nothing to do with the job, the company, and were not even near the business is COMPLETELY different than someone with a customer service job not servicing customers and conducting themselves in an inappropriate fashion on the job.

        • mistercrispy

          Nice try. He’s talking about black people. Try to wiggle out all you want, but the tweets were about BLACK PEOPLE. He’s deleted them because he knows it, and he doesn’t want the blatant racism to sit there and fester on his timeline like an open wound.

          Anthony Cumia is not and never will be a comedian or social satirist. He is a mindless, ignorant, classless high school dropout who trolls people for a living a few hours a day, and then whines and moans like a little bitch when he gets called out for being the racist idiot he truly is.

          As far as my example; it is EXACTLY the right analogy, because all I’ve seen all day are Anthony apologists pissing their pants and crying claiming that his tweets are nothing he hasn’t already said countless times on his radio show. His own fans claim he says stuff like this all the time, so what’s the big deal?

          You can deny Anthony’s racism all you want, you can pretend he was fired for the picture-taking instead of the racist tweets, you can pretend he’s a victim of the “PC police” as though not staying silent while a public figure says racist garbage is the same as being “PC”, but it doesn’t change the fact that Anthony Cumia was correctly fired for being a racist piece of crap in a public forum.

          • cs

            You’re exactly the kind of person that makes people ashamed to be American these days. Good thing people like you waste your lives in your mother’s basement on the internet.

          • Stinkys Stairwell

            OK. I am a hardcore Opie and Anthony fan and Mistercrispy made really salient points. CS, your response is:
            “You’re exactly the kind of person that makes people ashamed to be
            American these days. Good thing people like you waste your lives in your
            mother’s basement on the internet.”

            Um, what? How is that reasonable? hahaha

          • Lynnie Penny

            How do you make a BIG GRIN on this thing? Your comments are intelligent and concise without being profane!

      • id89

        “Also, what comedians are getting arrested in comedy clubs for trashing hecklers?”

        Not arrested, but close enough.

        Maybe you should put aside your obvious irrational hate for Anthony Cumia along with the White Race in general and read a little more.

        • mistercrispy

          So then Anthony Cumia isn’t really a racist douchebag, but…close enough.

          As a strong black woman who happens to be a white male, I’m offended.

      • Lynnie Penny


  • Brody Black

    Fuck Sirius XM – I hope they lose a shitload of subscribers. And fuck YOU if you think Sirius XM made a good decision here, fuck you.

    • mistercrispy

      Getting upset and canceling your Sirius subscription? I’m shocked Sirius has enough customers to justify giving this loser an alleged $3 million dollars a year to be essentially a professional troll.

  • kylem1701

    This is soooo much less about race than it is the fact that he felt entitled to that woman’s body and she disagreed.

    • AZN8V

      Gag…I think not.

    • FlippyBits

      A woman dressed like she was walking around at 4am? If he wanted her body he could have just paid for it…

    • Kris Kail

      I identify as an extremely liberal feminist ally and ill go out on a limb and say its not about Anthony feeling entitled to that womans body, but that he was taking a picture and she happened to be in the shot and maybe he intended to catch her in the shot as a focus on people of new york but he wasnt outright taking pictures of her to be a creep. His reaction to her attack is entirely unexcusable and I support siruis xms decision to fire him, but he wasnt in anyway trying to be a creep to that woman.

    • Lynnie Penny

      What about the piece about never hitting a woman?

  • cleveridea

    Sounds like a rotten person. So, somehow I’ll move on with my weekend.

  • John Janes

    Anthony who?

  • Jason Wayne

    Cumia is a racist. But he’s our racist. He has racist beliefs but he doesn’t do racist actions. At this point in his career the only people left listening were people like me that accept ant is racist and that’s part of what makes him interesting.

    • Oreole

      Yeah, defiantly gotta agree with this.

    • Gary Rose

      thats why Patrice O’Neal loved him so much. and Patrice was so much smarter than him he would just bait him to say racist shit and then destroy the contradictions in his statements lol

      • mistercrispy

        Patrice O’Neal was a weirdo who thrived on conflict. Of course he loved Anthony; he was low hanging fruit.

        • Ben Angotti

          Patrice was one of the smartest, funniest and most honest comedians ever.

          • mistercrispy

            I met him a few times. He was a comedian loved by other comedians for his fearlessness. I appreciated his honesty, found him a very conflicted, interesting person full of contradictions and compelling stories, but never once laughed at anything he said. I found him fascinating, but not funny. A comedian might find this offensive due to their vocation, but being funny isn’t the be all and end all of the world; being funny is a superficial social construct. Being interesting is far more worthwhile.

          • chris

            Except that being interesting is no less a superficial social construct than being funny.

          • Lynnie Penny

            So I wonder how he took the things YOU said? Unfortunately, some of the listeners are not deep enough to delineate the race baiting from the truth.. and they took it all in as fact. Folks in this very basic mind caste- on both sides – are easily riled up.

    • mistercrispy

      The fact that Anthony Cumia was able to make millions for a couple decades being professional ignorant person is a pretty amazing feet, though.

      • Lynnie Penny

        haha Mistercrispy.. I like your comments.. but its FEAT, Baby. Although, he MAY have amazing feet too!

  • Deathofradio

    The irony is that this might as well be a transcript from many of his rants that SIRIUS has broadcasted on it’s “airwaves” for years now! Unforchunatly it seems they have proven that Anthony’s poignant opinions and predictions about the state of political correctness in America are closer to the truth than ever before!

    • mistercrispy

      Yes, call an entire race “savage violent animal f**ks” and suddenly the “PC” police are all over you. He’s such a sad little victim with poignant thoughts. Why is everyone picking on him?

      • Anon

        Why are you victim-blaming, mistercrispy?

        • mistercrispy

          I forgot; if you get hit by a person, you are allowed to denigrate the entire race that person happens to be with impunity and can’t be called a racist for any of the racist things you said. Because Anthony is a “victim”, and all “victims” get this privilege in America.

          • mitogna

            Question is: was he attacked because of HIS race? If so (and I wouldnt be surprised, because group black on white street violence is somethig you can see on youtube if it didnt happen to you) then the woman racist and her gang should be criticised and not the victim of the racist attack…….

      • bilw653

        lol, but It’s ok for whoopie to say “spoken like a true white guy” on national tv, and not get fired- that is without question racial but it’s ok, it’s ok to stereotype whites as future potential nazis. It’s ok to completely erase their identity and displace them in their own native countries, whilst allowing non-whites to advance their own group interests since whites are, according to your cultural marxist ideology, a social construct, they are the only group that don’t exist, unless their being “racist” then they exist.

        • John Cousino

          Their own native country? Did this happen in europe? I never got that, thank you.

      • Lynnie Penny

        POIGNANT: evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret from Latin pungere ‘to prick.’ maybe “a prick”?? Whatever, I don’t think the word is being used correctly here. Being a SAVAGE and all, I still have command of the English language.

  • Angryconsumer

    Most of these tweets couldn’t even be considered racist, and the ones that seem racist AREN’T, when you take more than two seconds to consider them!

    • Honest Abe

      haha you are dumb as fuck

      • Ineeda Mann

        way to respond to the statement, abehole…fact is, any groid you see out after dark is looking for muhdick, drugs, or to rape/attack a white HUMAN.

    • ANDS!

      I’m guessing calling her a “savage” and commenting that “they aren’t people” and that it was a “jungle. . .” out there was totally coincidental to the woman’s race.

      • bilw653

        I hear what your saying but when we (blacks and whites) profile and disparage whites as rednecks or white trash or a neo-nazi etc, while it’s still obviously racial, we’re not stereotyping the entire white race but rather a specific group. It’s the same thing with blacks. we’re not saying that all blacks are like this and it doesn’t need to be clarified.
        And sure, It might be racial, what’s the difference? is it not racial when a black person calls a white redneck, white-boy etc?

        And what would be the correct response after being physically assaulted?

        • mistercrispy

          “what would be the correct response after being physically assaulted?”

          Call the police. Go to the hospital if I’m actually hurt. Call my family and tell them I’m alright. Go home. Take a moment to breathe. Gather my thoughts. Weigh the consequences of my various options. Consider the next right move, then take it.

          Oh, and if I’m a radio talk show host, I then rant and rave about the event for the next month on my show I get paid millions to perform. For high ratings and lots of cheap yuks.

          Doesn’t matter if–because of my skewed political beliefs–I don’t “think” the police will “do anything.” I still call, because it corroborates my story. If I don’t call, it makes my story seem suspect, that there’s more to it, that I left something out that makes me look bad.

          • abcnewscansuckit

            Yeah right, “call the police” in Mayor DeBlasshole’s city! Great idea, stupid. With a pack of monkeys around too. Black people need to own their horrible behavior, and they need to start being dealt with like they were in the 1950s. Some people can’t handle, nor do they deserve “freedom.” The whole continent of Africa should prove they are a subhuman, missing link.

            A minority of blacks have overcome their genes and became civilized, but the majority haven’t. The only thing to get them in line is savagery beyond that which they display on a secondly basis.

          • Kamen

            I find this more than hysterical when an Italian forgets their own “animalistic” history. Hahaha. The Mafia kills for sport. You all need to check your own histories. After all you’re only hearing one side, the Racist side, of the Story. But if that’s the angle you’re looking for, be my guest and continue on with your narrow mindedness and Bigotry and Racism. Bravo for you. My only question would be, if the Woman had been a White Woman would he have used racial epitaphs to describe her and her Race?

          • Madison

            and that’s the question I asked. Not like there aren’t crazy white folkz walking around Time Sq. too. Be pissed because this stranger has assaulted BUT from the moment he started spewing hate… the crowd’s most likely going to encourage this woman to continued to bust ass and that crowd was not only black folkz either. After reading his hateful rants which alluded to me, even though I don’t know this man from Adam, I’m glad she kicked his evil racist punk ass and got him fired!!! PS. I’m a New Yorker and I know there’s plenty cops in that area all the time. I just find it hard to believe the longevity of this attack w/o police intervention.

          • Dennis Finan Jr

            I think id rather live in rome italy than monrovia liberia lolol

          • Kamen

            Yeah because those 2 cities are so much alike in every way. Shows you how ignorant you are regarding Africa. There are cities in Africa that are just as cosmopolitan as Rome Italy. But again, you wouldn’t know that. Every city in Africa doesn’t have people with bones in their nose. BTW Tarzan was a TV show. Just so you know. But don’t let your ignorance fester, it’s 2016 GOOGLE is wonderful. BTW I grew up in Italy(14 years) Rome isn’t all that great once you get past the few tourist spots.

          • Lynnie Penny

            This is just so ridiculous, “become civilized” WHO owned slaves? How civilized was THAT? You make stupid anonymous statements that have NO VALUE.

          • abcnewscansuckit

            Blacks own slaves to this day, so my statement still stands, stupid broad. I tell you what, dumb broad, let’s test your theory that blacks are more civilized than YT. I want to see a YouTube video of you walking around a housing project in any big city, alone, at around midnight. I think that’s what time the uncivilized, unemployed pavement ape arises each day….So are you game, or do you want to just run that cox ucker all night?

          • mremanj2

            Abcnewscansuckit…Your screen name is a perfect indication of your low level intellect. You are a sub human waste of semen. The Internet allows ass wipes like you to spew your venom but you and I both know that you are a gutless turd. If given the chance you wouldn’t say anything close to that to my face.
            You would shuffle your punk ass out of my path and be on your slime way. Kill yourself.

          • abcnewscansuckit

            Mizz Eman J 69, I promise you that I would say what I wrote and am writing to your ape face. And let’s test your hypothesis about my intellect. You and I take an IQ test and see who should hide their ape-like face in shame.
            Mizz Eman J 69, I’m not only smarter than you, but I could dismember you with my bare hands and not break a sweat. If you saw me on the “skreets,” you and your boon posse would walk the other way. I know, because I see it happen.
            But if you want to come run that mouth in my home town, I’ll give you a time and place. But we can do the IQ test right now, boy. You hip, you big mouthed ghetto ‘Rat?

          • Greg

            If your intellect was TRULY superior to his, you’d know their username is Mr E-man. Not mistake them for a “Mizz”. But you can’t read your nursing home computer screen very well, can you abcnews? By the way if you’re such a tough guy, post your full name and address so someone can “give you a time and place”. Cmon old man– lets see if you’re for real, or if you’re just hiding behind a computer screen. I’d love to give you a lesson on why you shouldn’t talk tough behind a screen, you Keyboard Warrior Coward.

          • abcnewscansuckit

            Like I said to YOU, “MMA girly-boy” I lump you Regressive males in with women.

          • Greg

            abcnews- I read your comment history. You do taxes for a living in NYC, a white guy in his 50’s, and you’ve posted over 2,000 comments about how much you hate minorities. Wow, what an enviable existence– im sure the women are knocking down your door, that you’re the life of all those parties youre invited to, and your self confidence and emotional intelligence are rock solid. But like I stated on another comment, I’d love to take you up on your offer and meet with you in person. I live in NYC too. Surely you’re an honest man and not a coward, so come post your full name and address so that we can have this meeting. I’m 6’5″ with a mixed martial arts background but am perfectly capable of having a calm discussion with you.

          • abcnewscansuckit

            First of all, dipschit, I don’t do taxes in NYC and I’m not even close to being 50. But much like other “feelings” you Regressives have, you make them up in your head. Also, I am not a woman, so “emotional intelligence” doesn’t apply to me. Men aren’t supposed to ‘feel’ which is why I lump all of you Regressive males into the female category.
            If you are serious about meeting me for real, let me know. I don’t believe for a second that you’re involved in MMA, but even if you are, I can handle myself just fine. As YOU didn’t post your “full name and address” I find it hilarious that you asked me too, you pussy.

          • John Cousino

            Ok, you just lost your radio show!

          • Ineeda Mann

            turn the high-powered water hoses on them like the old days…that way they get a much-needed bath as well.

          • Mpeasman

            “Monkeys” , “Sub Human” and “Go back to Africa”, the racist trifecta. I like how you also worked in that their behaviors are genetically linked and then to hit them with “Savagery” right at the end…purse racist gold. Congratulations sir, you win today’s award as the most bigoted online post, and that is saying a lot! Your hood and sheet wearing forefathers must be proud of you.

          • abcnewscansuckit

            I defy you to take your misplaced white knightedness into the nearest section 8 housing complex and preach how “non-racist” you are, you fool. Funny thing about you Regressive honkies is you are the biggest racists there are, in the fact that you think blacks need your “help” and “encouraging words.” Now you are doing the same thing with the Muzzies. The perfect irony is that both groups can smell your cowardice and weakness and will make YOU the appetizers on their menu. You’re a complete sissy-boy.

          • Mpeasman

            You have no idea who I am or what I believe. Everyone on this thread already knows more about you and who you are than any of us really needs to know.

          • Kamen

            Hahaha “…overcome their genes” hahahahaha. Civilized? Hahahahaha. Buddy your thinking and brain is so polluted with inaccurate information, I’m not going to bother correcting you because that would stop me from knowing I’m at least smarter than one human in the world, YOU!!!!!!

        • Kamen

          Your argument is ridiculous. Trust me I’m not going to get upset because someone has called me “Black Boy”. Even in you trying to be politically correct I still can read your own prejudice. You can try to hide the fact that you are white but you are not adept at hiding your inability to hide your own bigotry. Nice try!!!!

        • Lynnie Penny

          this person has every right to express his anger at what occurred. Its just that his racial bias comes out in almost everything he says, that’s all. He has a real problem.. THIS savage feels sorry for him that he lost his job… but he earned that.

        • Dustin Fuhrman

          Just most* Sorry but the DOJ statistics show how radically violent blacks are. Make up like 12 or 13% of the population and commit more than 52% of the violent crime.

      • abcnewscansuckit

        Did you miss the part where the she-boon subhuman savage hit him 10 times, because there were more roving pavement apes around her to gang up on him if he defended himself? It WASN’T “coincidental” that this monkey was black, because that’s how they act when there are packs of them together.

        • Ineeda Mann


      • Ineeda Mann

        oh well…negro is as negro does.

    • mistercrispy

      There were definitely some non-racist tweets in there. But that’s because they were too busy being violent and sexist.

      • abcnewscansuckit

        And if you were hit 10 times by a black bitch, you would be saying, “Oh! Thith poor African-American female, spurned by decadeth of dithcriminathion jutht hit me and thtuff, even though I did nothing to HER! Oh well…I guethth I detherved it…you know…becauthe I’m white. All white people detherve to be attacked by black femaleth for no reathon…” Stupid sissy-boy lib.

        • Kamen

          What if she were White? That might be a too involved concept for you to ponder. Maybe we should concentrate on spelling properly first. Hahaha. Holy Shit. Ignorance never disappoints.

          • abcnewscansuckit

            What did I misspell, pavement ape? “Schit?” See, that’s why YT is smarter than you. Spelling it that way gets the comment posted, dummy. To answer your question, if it were a white bitch who attacked him for no reason, like the she-boon did, Cumia wouldn’t have been fired. So does that answer your question, stupid?
            And since you brought up grammar, or spelling, as it were, “That might be a too involved concept for you to ponder,” doesn’t make sense. You should have written, “The concept (of what, exactly? I don’t get that either) may be a little too involved for you…” I think it’s cute when one of you tries sounding intelligent though! Keep trying!

          • Kamen

            Not only are you an ignorant imbecile, you’re also a lazy one. Spelling words completely only takes effort and time. In your case it might take a High School Diploma also. “One of you”? Hahaha

          • Ineeda Mann

            damn you missed the whole joke, Kamen.

          • Kamen

            You’re a little late to the party Rip Van Winkle. It’s also apparent that you’ve missed many English grammar and composition classes. That’s the real thing that was missed here.

          • Ineeda Mann

            I’ve missed grammar and composition classes? Oh, I see. I mistakenly forgot to use an uppercase letter to begin my sentence. Let me repeat that you apparently missed the entire joke, Kamen. That’s the real thing that was missed here. May we focus on how dense you must be if you missed that joke? Finally, you need to work on your noun-verb agreement. But enjoy your delusions, and your medications. I won’t respond to or read anything posted here again. I WIN! Hahahahaha! Lick my love pump!

          • Ineeda Mann

            What is apparent is that you missed the entire joke, imbecile.
            I have just been informed by Disqus that I win again!!

        • Lynnie Penny

          and the LISP is supposed to indicate “sissy-boy” behavior? So you are homophobic too? Poor Baby, you must feel COMPLETELY left out!

          • abcnewscansuckit

            Yes, the “lithp” does indicate faggish behavior, or acting like a dumb broad, like you. Calling someone a sissy doesn’t constitute homophobia either, you seminal vessel. I’m not afraid of the phagulas. Don’t you have a man to serve, instead of pestering me, you c-word? Heck, I could use a sammich, so how’s about fetching me one, would you sweet meat? Thanks!

          • Ineeda Mann

            oh joy for all the groids and fags in this country!!

    • robingee

      “Seems white boys don’t hit back. Lucky savage.

      WTF? For no reason? -Reason!?? I WAS WHITE!!!

      Savage violent animal fucks prey on white people.

      No discussion, just violence. When will THAT be addressed? Oh, right, never. Slavery did it? Oh, ok.

      There’s a deep seeded problem with violence in the black community. Try to address it and you’ll be exiled to racistville. But it’s real.”

      (Also, it’s”deep-seated” not deep-seeded)

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