Anthony Cumia Responds To Firing … Video Shows Why Former ‘Opie & Anthony’ Host ‘Will Never Apologize’ For Racist Twitter Rant That Got Him Fired

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Anthony Cumia Fox NewsAnthony Cumia has finally responded to his firing from the “Opie & Anthony” radio show. But the shock jock refused to apologize for the racist rant that led to his ouster.

“I will never apologize for this,” Anthony Cumia told Red Eye  host Greg Gutfeld. “I didn’t do anything wrong. This is exactly who I am. I’m not even going to deny it. I go off on tears like this. I curse, I say horrific things about people that piss me off, and that’s exactly what I did. Why am I going to apologize and say I am different or I changed? I haven’t. It would be a phony bogus apology. If it happened again, I’d do the same thing.”

The longtime radio host was fired earlier this month after his racist Twitter rant went viral. Anthony Cumia accused a black woman of attacking him in New York City and went on to use a serious of slurs and insults to describe her, including “c—t,” “savage,” “pig,” and “animal.” The rant has since been deleted, but you can view all of the controversial remarks that led to Anthony Cumia’s firing here.

A week after his firing, Anthony Cumia appeared on the early-morning Fox News series to discuss his racist remarks. But rather than express remorse, the “Opie & Anthony” host refused to admit he did anything wrong.

“If you read those — honestly people picked it apart,” Anthony Cumia said of the tweets that led to his firing. “It wasn’t racist.”

Red Eye co-host Andy Levy challenged the notion that Anthony Cumia’s Twitter rant was not racist. He insisted that he only used “pig” and “savage” to describe violent people, not all blacks.

“I was talking about people that instantly go to violence,” Anthony Cumia said in response to his firing. “There was no word — I walked down the street, she called me a white motherf—-er and started punching me in the face. So I addressed her and other people that act like that.”

Anthony Cumia also agreed with fans who felt his firing was hypocritical. The host noted that he made many controversial statements on “Opie & Anthony” over the years yet was let go for something he said off the air. He even blamed media websites for sharing these racist tweets with those who did not listen to his show or understand his point of view.

“To fire me for something on social media is kind of hypocritical, I think,” Cumia said. “There wasn’t even any outrage. No one approached SiriusXM and said ‘Oh my God, you’ve got to fire them.’ It was such a kneejerk reaction. In this day and age, it’s dangerous to try to say anything and speak your mind, especially on things of race and sex.”

Watch Anthony Cumia discuss his firing below.

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  • Squabbles

    monica dont play

  • Squabbles

    i show that crakass mf a beet down 4 reelz

  • Joe

    I wonder how many times Anthony has called white people “animals” & “savages” due to altercations? Also, he says that he was referring to people who go straight to violence, if that were the case, how come he also made a remark about “Illegal savages” Is he saying that ALL illegals are violent? Why did he delete all of the tweets if he feels he’s in the right? He’s fanatically right wing and racist and that’s one of the reasons I stopped listening to O&A.

    • Zack

      He was trying to save his multi-million dollar a year job you twit. You get punished for telling the truth in this cuntry. Yes..I meant cuntry. Freedom…Yea right.

  • doctorivy

    Let me get this straight: You hire a shock jock and pay him millions of dollars. Then you fire him because he says something that you find shocking? Is that what happened? There’s a PSA being run on the radio ad nauseum. It’s about women’s abuse and how awful it is (ostensibly because we don’t know this already). It says that domestic violence is never funny. Today, Ralph Kramden would be put in jail and lose his job driving a NYC bus for making his “bang-zoom!” comments. Today, Joel Machi is the Lenny Bruce of our time.

  • c

    So we are vilifying a victim of a hate crime for some comments he made afterwords? Things would have been different if it was a white girl beating up a black guy for being black with a group of white men cheering her on. He would be a media darling no matter how much shit he talked about white people on twitter.

  • white guilt

    The worst part of this whole thing is that it’s all white people that have a problem with this. It’s all such fake outrage. It’s disgusting. Guy got attacked and instead of beating that “savages” ass or possibly shooting it he goes off on twitter. Seems like he did the right thing. Everyone wants to cry racism so quickly to prove that they aren’t one. Let someone attack you and see how you feel about said person after the attack. This is crazy

  • Beetlejuice

    No wonder Howard Jew Stern has turned into a little bitch on fucking satellite radio. Everyday it seems like we’re moving backwards as more and more people look for a reason to be a whiny little offended bitch. Being a victim seems to be trendy these days. Most of the shit O&A said over the past decade probably can’t be played today because fat pussy social justice warrior fucks. Fucking tumblr is breeding a generation of faggots.

    • derangius .

      If we all could only be more like you huh?

  • Marcus Porcius

    If he had said the exact same thing about white people instead of the “protected class” nobody would have cared, and in fact all the people screaming about it would probably be applauding. And no way would Sirius have fired him.

    So who are the actual racists here?

    Incidentally, did you notice the white guy ranted but the black people actually attacked…kind of proves his point, doesn’t it? Anyone see white mobs running around attacking black people in public in downtown Baltimore? Anyone see white mobs invading stores and stripping them like locusts in Vegas? When a black criminal gets acquitted of beating a white victim, do we see days of riots like in LA?

    And if these things happened and a black radio host said something about “that community,” would he be fired and called racist?

    Again, who are the actual racists here? Nobody cares about “racism” they only care about supposedly “racist” things if the speaker is white and the “victim” is not.

    You’re all intellectually bereft, racist hypocrites if that’s your position.

    • amjustaskingyou

      Black people didn’t fire him, sooo…. dude can say what he wants, that’s his right. People have the right to be offended and the right to make choices. Free world

      • Marcus Porcius

        Non sequitur much?

      • derangius .

        That is so true because the sun actually rises in the east and then sets in the west. And it also has absolutely nothing at all to do with what anyone here was ever talking about. YAY!

        • amjustaskingyou

          I realy don”t know how to reply to this, apart from writing this redundant reply

  • Kris Kail

    What people dont get is that only O&A fans listen to the show, so if he said this stuff on the show nobody would’ve noticed, but he spoke out on an open platform where it was retweeted so that nonfans could see and it spread like wild and thats when people started to notice. Its not hypocritical, the show is what it is because of who the hosts are and only a certain audience listens, its not even like rush limbaugh who has a show on terrestrial radio that anyone can stumble upon, you have to actually subscribe to the service and flip through the channels up in the hundreds to even chance stumbling upon Opie and Anthony.

    In the end Anthony is a fucking idiot for not being more professional and because of his selfish act he threw Opie, Jimmy, and the rest of the staff into the same boat as him. Theyre lucky they didnt cancel the show because of him. I love Anthony and think hes a talented guy with a sense of comedy thats unmatched, but his extreme personal views and angry rants have gotten wayy too ridiculous over the past few years.

    • Marcus Porcius

      “[E]xtreme personal views” apparently now includes calling people who mindlessly attack other people for no reason other than that they they can get away with it because the victims are white what they are.

      If he had said the exact same thing about a white people instead of the “protected class” nobody would have cared, and in fact all the people screaming about it would probably be applauding. And no way would Sirius have fired him.

      So who are the actual racists here?

      • amjustaskingyou

        Hi Anthony, why don’t you go back on twitter and serve us another good rant. Freedom of Speech and all

      • Kris Kail

        “Protected class”, do you wanna know why minorities are considered “protected classes”? Let’s talk about that for a second. White people have been on top of the food chain for years. Specifically between whites and blacks, whites not only enslaved blacks but whipped them and treated them like subhuman animals meant only to pick cotten. After Lincoln freed the slaves, they went on to face further hardships from white people who wanted nothing to do with them because of the color of their skin. Even up until the 1960’s segregation was still a thing and even up until around 1990 you couldn’t legally marry a white person to a black person in some states. Even today, black people still get the short end of the stick in society and popular culture, so because of 200+ years of racism and oppression from whites upon blacks, yes you are an asshole if you talk shit about black people while being white.

        Do you want true equality? Acknowledge and help abolish modern racism today and help heal the wounds from 200+ years of racism. Don’t be an idiot and say racism doesn’t exist today because it does, and white people won’t be allowed to play the “race card” until they’re no longer at the top of the food chain.

        • Marcus Porcius

          Slavery? Over 150 years ago. !960s segregation? Over 50 years ago. The Germans KILLED 6 million Jews and we’ve long since stopped giving them a hard time about it. But I guess if your great, great, great, great (etc.) grandparent was a slave and your great grandfather couldn’t sit at a lunch counter in Alabama (even though he could in every state north of there) then you’re just a victim forever. Bill Cosby is worth over $300 million, and he started making money before the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Are his kids oppressed too?

          Black people getting short end of the stick? Really? Oprah is a billionaire. Obama is president. We’ve had black secretaries of State and a black female National Security Advisor (both under BUSH, BTW). Rappers with crap for music are multimillionaires.

          Here’s a hint: in a “racist” society (say, like South Africa) blacks (or whatever color is oppressed in any given country) don’t get to go on TV with $100 million in the bank and whine that “the man” is keeping them down.

          Oh, and the Supreme Court nullified every law against mixed marriages in 1967. Repealing those laws was a redundant, symbolic formality.

          You’re right. Racism absolutely exists today, and 90% is coming from the professional victims and their guilty white pansy surrogates. Want to help abolish it? Find a quiet cliff overlooking the sea and take one step forward.

        • Sally

          So you’re in the Eric Holder camp that you only count as racism or a hate crime groups of people who have been “historical” victims of bias because of skin color or sexual orientation.

          What if someone is a victim of a hate crime now that isn’t in one of those groups. You – and Holder – advocated that white people, ministers, and members of the military could not be hate crime victims.

          “Protected classes” are inherently a few levels above the rest of us, whom Holder and you force to sit in the back of the bus, with fewer rights than blacks or gays. Brilliant, racist.

  • Honest Abe

    also, dude was straight up creepshooting in times square he deserves a beatdown. fuck cumia and fuck all you fans of a racist, misogynist shitbird

    • Marcus Porcius

      “he deserves a beatdown.” Pretty sure you just proved his point about “that community,” Why are you hear anyway? Don’t you have some spears to chuck?

      • Honest Abe

        haha first against the wall fucker

        • Marcus Porcius

          Thanks for volunteering.

          • Honest Abe

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    • Niggar HateR

      Fuck Honest” Douche bag” Abe…. Go back to ur crack pipe !

      • Honest Abe

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    • derangius .

      Also not included in your idiotic diatribe are us fans of written English that you would have go fuck ourselves. At least that is the assumption based on your ape like writing.

      • Honest Abe

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  • Honest Abe

    haha itt a bunch of shitty morons cry because A PRIVATE COMPANY chose to EXERT THEIR CAPITALIST RIGHT to FIRE SOMEONE

    you are all dumb as fuck

    • Marcus Porcius

      Says a guy who would be the one “crying” if they had fired a black guy for saying the exact same things about white people.

      Take your face out of the watermelon for once and learn something like, say, written English.

      • Honest Abe

        eat my shits you fucking garbageface

  • Rihanna Lover

    I don’t no who this Old Racist Nobody is, but i’m glad he’s gone. He’s the reason this World is going “Down” fast….

    • derangius .

      I would say that people who concern themselves with things as trivial as Rihanna so much that they include her name in their internet profile are the problem with this world. How about being interested in something that actually matters?

  • SomeDude

    6:00. Exactly. People who behave in that manner are savages and animals. Race doesn’t get involved until the Liberal media says it’s racist.

    Speaking to the violence problem in the Black Community…look at what’s happening in Chicago’s Southside, then look at the demographic.

  • Karen Jonsson

    This comes from a man whose ethnic group invented the Mafia? The people who coined the word whack? The people who kill people at the drop of a hat? Blacks are violent? Excuse me but why is it Italians seem to forget about their reign of terror and how much money they have cost the US in trying to capture them? How many bodies are discovered “whacked” , I mean have you seen Goodfellas? Have you seen headlines? What is wrong with you people to defend a man whose ethnic background is synonymous with horribly violent acts like he is some clean white knight. odds are he has some family member or friend or someone he grew up with who is in the Mafia. Please , blacks are violent! White people have gone all over the world killing and raping anything that moved as long as there was something to gain. White people have no concience and feel sorry for no one as long as they profit. Check history, it is easily googled. What did white people do to Indians? How many blacks did they lynch? (hmmm I think lynching is violent dontcha?) How in the world does anyone who has slaves call the slaves lazy? It would seem that anyone who has a slave is the lazy one. Everything is handed to you on a silver platter You want a job? Your cousin will hook you up. You want a house? Your parents will give you the down payment. Then you complain complain complain. I am sooo very tired of the “poor” white man. To you its poor to only have just 3 cell phones! try not having anything to eat then when you ask for help selfish bastards complain about their tax dollars. Walk a mile in someones shoes. You are besides yourself because you NEED blacks to be inferior for your own self esteem. You think its a good thing or you achieved something just because you were born white, not because you actually did something t hat would help the world. Oh far be it from you to help anyone. That does not compute, because if you did they might become equal to you. One day all the non whites of the world are going to rise and you will be the slaves! All your slicky boy crap will not work. Look at China and North Korea, while you are worried about black people they are coming up the back door. Just like you were worried about your favorite subject, black people, and all of a sudden Hispanics surpassed them in population. Keep it up next thing you know Asians will be next. I laugh at your stupidity. China and North Korea say keep it up. Soon you will be speaking Chinese. Then you will ask black people to help you and maybe they wont. Seems to me that the very people you think are violent may be assets when you need defense. Notice that all the white people who want bodyguards choose black men? Notice that? These are people you want in your corner. Heed my words!

    • Zilch

      Please don’t reproduce

    • SomeDude

      Paragrapgh (noun): A distinct section of a piece of writing, usually dealing with a single theme and indicated by a new line, indentation, or numbering.

    • Marcus Porcius


    • Text Walls are Awesome

      Welcome to the Internet. No want want to read your giant wall of shitty text. Also no one gives that much of a shit about your random opinion.

      Google was TL;DR means

    • Realist

      Yeah, you’re right. Savagely beating a man for taking a picture in Times Square is a perfectly reasonable and rational response in today’s society. And besides, the fact that he has a vowel at the end of his last name makes the bastard an open target who deserved what he got anyway, right? Moron…

      • amjustaskingyou

        Have you even seen the picture? Just asking

        • John Smith

          Unless Cumia broke into the women’s bathroom to photograph women taking a shit, it doesn’t matter.

    • derangius .

      That comment would make sense if the prison system were not 100 percent black people….

    • Sally

      Thank you, Ms. Racist, for sharing your racist views with us.
      Yes, as you say, “check history, it is easily Goggled.” Good Lord!
      Perhaps you could take some of your own advice. Other than the racist stuff.

  • Jimmy

    If he doesn’t apologize then we’ll just get him taken off the internet for good. He will not have any voice at all if he doesn’t adjust his outlook and actually feel bad for offending PoC.

    • Sampson Simpson

      “get him taken off the internet for good” HAHAHAHAHA

      • Sally

        He means internets.

    • Jason P Harris

      then you woke up, your a sad little man if you think you can do that, cumia (while i dont personally subscribe as a fan) told it like it is, too many people are to cowardly to do that in this life, thats WHATS WRONG with this world!

      • robingee

        Don’t you think you can “tell it like it is” with class and dignity instead of spouting off rude remarks and calling names like a child?

    • Marcus Porcius

      Thank you, Goebbels. I’m glad the Ministry of Political Correctness is on the job making sure only speech acceptable to the Reich is allowed to be heard.

    • P.C. Faggot

      “We’ll”? You and who? You’re cunt mom?

      The problem was he ranted on Twitter where every dumb stupid motherfucker, news agency, whiny preteen, and soccer mom visits. Anyone who ACTUALLY watched even one episode of O&A shouldn’t be offended

  • truth hurst

    All those angry people who didnt get outraged until 10 years later. Well at least the can get phony mad now sp they can feel a false sense of being better after someone in the media told them that they had to be mad

    • Honest Abe

      eat my shit moron

      • derangius .

        Way to bring rationality to the conversation. This way we can take your position more seriously.

        • Honest Abe

          fuck you racist shit eating fuck

  • billythekid2012

    including “c—t,” “savage,” “pig,” and “animal.

    Somehow overnight these words have become racist! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
    About 30 more years, 3rd world here we come!

    • Shock jocks blow

      Except they were all in the context of “in that community.” Why would he delete all the tweets, then backtrack and misrepresent them if he “had no regrets.” He is a pathetic, alcoholic p.o.s. who has a little man syndrome.

      • Ethan Wright

        Dude, you’re completely full of crap. “in that community” refers to violent black people. Not all black people. If you had listened to the radio show, you’d have heard him go on far worse rants in the past. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • ko

          Having listened to OA for years I would have to conclude that generally he hates black people. The few black people who he did like (ie Patrice) were the exception rather than the rule. Having said that, the guy is hilarious.

    • Honest Abe

      get fucked trash

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